Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - October 29, 2007

Winthrop looks at many issues

I agree with Judy Burgess that it would be nice if we could stop arguing about sexual orientation in the newspaper.

However, I think the activities on Winthrop's campus, hosted by groups like the OPEN campaign, GLoBAL, and the Dinkins Student Union, should be discussed.

I read the opinion page every morning, and it seems like there are an awful lot of people out there who are against publicizing events like the OPEN campaign, who object to their format or just don't want anything to do with the GLBT community.

As a Winthrop student who is heavily involved in campus activities, let me assure you that all I have ever seen at Winthrop is a sincere effort to provide our students and the Rock Hill community with information (on every topic, not just sexual orientation), and to facilitate understanding and respect.

I hope that everyone in Rock Hill will take a Winthrop lesson like that and tomorrow I'll finally see something different on the opinion page.

Erika Weed

Rock Hill

Let inmates clean up lake

Lake Wylie needs to be cleaned and the local inmates need to be the ones to do this. The inmates need to earn their keep. It can be a chain gang along the lake instead of the highway.

There are tires, bottles, cans and other trash items that have littered the lake for too many years. People run the risk of cutting their feet, and the wildlife can be harrmed by the trash.

We need to make the best of a bad situation and use this time to clean up the lake.

Matt Smith

Rock Hill

Inform public about elections

Andrew Dys agonizes over the pitiful turnout for the recent Rock Hill election. I think the voter turnout in local elections is miserable because most people don't know an election is being held. It's none of my business because I don't vote in Rock Hill, but I only knew there was going to be an election there because I happened to see one brief blurb in The Herald a day or two before the fact.

Less than half the public reads newspapers anymore. Unless elections are publicized on radio, TV and the Web -- and even on signboards -- lots of people haven't a clue that an election is being held. Similarly for voter registration, most people don't know how to do this or where.

Seems to me elections are vitally important in a free country. We ought to bust a gut to inform voters.

Arch Wakefield

Tega Cay

Democrats aid the enemy

How about this Democratic Party? In the past, when an American president was elected, each party came together and accepted the president as "our" president. Not so these days.

Anything, it doesn't matter what George Bush does, they are against it, even when it is in the best interest of the country -- just because they don't like George Bush.

If Bush has a good idea, they're against it, then later present it as their good idea. Example: The idea of taking your tax money and developing your own retirement -- and now that's Hillary's idea.

Social Security is going bankrupt, and Hillary wants to give each and every child $5,000. Years ago, she needed votes in Puerto Rico, so she proposed giving each citizen there a cash bonus. This trick was learned from Ol' Bill, who at one time proposed giving a free air conditioner to low-income people. Talk about buying votes!

And how about Nancy Pelosi raring to be the first to announce why "God" can't be on the Boy Scout flag certificate.

But as an American citizen living in an era of terrorism, what really disturbs me is the continual fight against George Bush or any effort our country proposes to fight terrorism. Oh, we can't build a fence on the border to stop illegal immigrants. We can't ask an illegal alien questions. We can't drill for oil in our own country. We can't wire tap terrorist conversations. We can't do this, we can't do that, and it's just disgusting.

I would really like for someone to develop statistics as to just how many American lives have been lost while the Democrats encouraged the terrorists by declaring the war lost, by demanding a withdrawal date in Iraq and attempting to cut funds for the troops. And taxes. My God, don't we have enough already? The Democrats don't mind telling you up front that they intend to raise taxes dramatically.

So just remember this. Anyone that votes Democratic even on the local level is supporting these nitwits in Washington who are not serving the best interests of the country or the citizenry, and more often than not, are aiding and abetting our enemies.

Charles Park

Rock Hill