Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - October 31, 2007

Local pastor has a large following

My cousin, Baxter Tisdale, inspired me on last week with this compiling article on some of the great men of our city. As I was reading the article, I noticed that one name was left off. Mr. Tisdale left off one of the greatest preachers to ever reside in our city. This preacher never seeks attention, but The Herald and CN2 follow his every move closely.

This preacher has the biggest congregation in York County because every resident of York County flocks to hear him speak. In his congregation sit three mayors, a number of judges, councilmen and women, pastors, teachers, three chiefs of police, the entire sheriff's department, doctors, lawyers, news anchors and reporters, including Andrew Dys.

His church stretches across the entire York County and covers parts of Chester County, Lancaster County, and Charlotte. Who is the great leader that I talk so highly of? None other than the Rev. Ronal King.

I have never heard Rev. King preach a sermon, but I have often seen him live many sermons. Rather, it's feeding the less fortunate, providing shelter for the homeless, or providing air conditioners or heaters for those in need. Rev. King's ears are always open to hear the needs of his sheep.

I was always taught that there were three kinds of people -- those who talk, those who hear and those who do. The talker can excite audiences with flashy speeches, they can build up hopes and dreams, but in the end, they only produce good conversation.

The hearer will listen to the pleas of the people, produce a sense of understanding, but in the end, all they have done is heard. However, the doer not only talks the talk, but he walks the walk. He not only hears but he also responds to what has been said, and that's who Rev. King is, the one who acts out sermons.

The Rev. C.T. Kirk

Rock Hill

Carrier is a caring person

I am glad to express my thanks for my news carrier. She has a very wonderful personality and is never late. My paper always is waiting for me, rain or snow. Over the years, I have had carriers who brought my news after they deer hunted. This was another paper sometimes thrown in the driveway.

My carrier is Diane Voorhes, a very caring person in many ways. Thanks, Diane, for a swell job you are doing.

Alexander West