Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - November 1, 2007

Candidate throws hat into the ring

After much thought and careful consideration, I have decided to announce my intent to run for York City Council District 6 this coming spring. My decision has been made much easier by the lack of action taken by the current City Council on a number of important issues (my representative included) over the past several years, and their seemingly complete uninterest in their constituents.

I, like many folks who live in York, have seen a complete disregard for how and what our tax money is spent on. We have seen our city taxes increase dramatically, and our city service fees have nearly doubled in the past five years. We have watched as the city of York has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on lawsuits and exorbitant pay raises for the former city manager, while ignoring critical issues that affect all of us. These include poor drinking water quality, low water pressure for city residents, and serious sewer issues within the city due to outdated and obsolete sewer lines. We also have serious financial issues that are facing the city. The city of York borrowed over a quarter of a million dollars last year alone, just to make payroll. As of September of this year, we were barely meeting expenses based on projected revenue. This will be an ongoing issue if we cannot spend our money wisely. I have voiced my opinions on many occasions at council meetings about this very issue. I feel I have no voice, nor do many other taxpayers in my district.

Finally, we have serious issues with violent crime in our neighborhoods, and this must be addressed.

In the coming months I will be actively fine-tuning my campaign for next April. I have strong financial support from a number of areas, including the business community. I have received strong endorsements from all over my district, and I intend to run a hard, honest, positive, unrelenting campaign to win the district seat. If elected, I will answer only to my constituents and work toward putting a voice of reason and sanity back up on the council bench. In the coming weeks/months, I will have a full Web site dedicated to my campaign, with the Web address on my signs and handouts.

I am on the board of directors for the York YMCA, I am a member and past president of the York Rotary, I'm a member of the York Board of Zoning Appeals, and I am a deacon in my local church. I live in York, I worship in York, and my family and I plan on living in York for many years to come. I feel strongly about this election next April, and I will be asking the voters in my district to help me represent them in 2008.

Mark A. Boley


Administration must be kept in check

The Bush administration needs to be put in check and obey the laws of the land, not the dictates of the president. I would hope senators, and especially any attorney general, would agree how damaging it would be to the nation to undermine the laws that make America what it is.

Timothy Humphrey

Rock Hill