Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - November 2, 2007

Coverage of event missed the point

Our local newspaper and television station once again missed their mark of providing fair and accurate news coverage.

I was appalled at The Herald's story, "Winthrop professor reunites with 'Titans' coach." The story spun this journalistic misrepresentation to spotlight the reunion of Coach Herman Boone (of "Remember the Titans" movie fame) and Jason Silverman. Sadly, CN2's coverage of the luncheon also mirrored The Herald's.

Please let me set the record straight about what the event was really about:

The event was the Upper Palmetto YMCA's first recognition luncheon, not a fundraiser and definitely not a reunion luncheon for Boone and Silverman.

Its purpose was to recognize volunteers and donors who generously and passionately give of their time and talent to assist the YMCA with its many community programs.

State Representatives Herb Kirsh and Gary Simrill, who petitioned adamantly on the Y's behalf for funding, surprised the audience with a $200,000 donation to be used for facilities improvements at Camp Cherokee.

Approximately 250 volunteers attended the event, and the Y presented four Volunteer of the Year awards. Eleven local businesses generously donated toward the beautiful luncheon site and catering. The very talented Northwestern High School Elite Chamber Orchestra provided musical entertainment.

Coach Boone delivered a very inspirational and motivational speech about the YMCA organization, its service to the community and especially how it molds our youth through character, philanthropy and spirit. He stressed how the organization must be kept alive and striving in our communities to help protect and save our kids, build our families and promote healthy lifestyles for all.

The Herald and CN2 should be ashamed. What a fantastic opportunity to promote something good for a change and recognize the YMCA's impact on our community and especially our youth! The whole purpose for the luncheon that gave reason for Mr. Boone's appearance was not even mentioned.

Many thanks to the YMCA and its wonderful volunteers, staff and donors. Undoubtedly, they all will continue on with their good works. It just would have been nice to see them recognized and supported by our local media.

Maryanne Genus

Rock Hill

Student with gun should be expelled

Tell me, where does the Rock Hill school district draw the line with kids who bring guns to school? Is there not a zero-tolerance ordinance in place? Why is the young man who brought the gun to the high school recently only suspended and not expelled?

Is the school system willing to take the responsiblility if this young man does this again and actually kills someone? Where does the line get drawn; who is punished with light sentences and who gets hard sentences? Any child who chooses to bring a gun to school should be treated the same, and the parent should be equally responsible for allowing the child to have freedom with the guns in their home. If this child is allowed back in school, I pray that every family who has a child in that school holds a rally and a protest.

Kelly Anderson

Rock Hill