Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - November 3, 2007

Take time to vote on Tuesday

On Tuesday, the residents of Tega Cay will be electing those who will be running the city for the next four years. It is time that every registered voter be well informed on the candidates and exercise his or her responsibility, privilege, opportunity and God-given right to voice their choice by going to the polls on Tuesday between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. or obtain an absentee ballot.

Let us show that Tega Cay cares and shoot for a 70 percent turnout, which is attainable if each and every registered voter responds. Become informed on each candidate and vote your choice.

Bill Fenton

Tega Cay

Sunday alcohol sales encourage boozing

Another boozing Sunday will make seven-day drunks -- drunks on the road again, killing innocent people. Another alcoholic day is as bad as another Bible preaching day. I guess the saintly Christians can leave church, stop by the liquor store on the way home and pop the top on the drive home and continue on at home. Aren't people able to get what they want for Sunday on a Saturday? Or do they drink it up on Saturday? Can't anyone go one day without a drink or getting drunk?

They can't buy food, pay rent but they surely always afford booze. These people need to get a life. Drunks are as bad as constant churchgoers, constantly preaching where preaching is not called for, such as council meetings, court, schools, etc. Preaching belongs only in church and each household that chooses. Why must we always have drunks and religion shoved in our faces and down our throats.

Sharon Vinson


Don't be judgmental about voter turnout

I am 81 years old and have voted regularly for long years. I do not like Andrew Dys and Terry Plumb chiding me for not voting in the recent Rock Hill city election. The Herald did not indicate in articles that my precinct had any voting issues. And I believe they did not! Chide yourselves for your neglect!

Louise Hassenplug

Rock Hill

An encounter with a famous man

When I saw the recent announcement of the death of former Gen. Paul Tibbets, age 92, I laughed and told my husband my Paul Tibbets story.

We were living in New Jersey, where my first husband, Richard Batt, was employed at the Henry Heide Candy Co. This was during the 1960s, and I had been able to take weaving lessons in Princeton.

On my own four-harness loom, I had woven yardage from a wool and rabbit hair yarn. From this fabric, I created a lovely dress, perfect for the office Christmas party. (Dress is long gone, but my mother used pieces of the material in a patchwork quilt.)

At sometime during the evening I danced with my husband's boss -- Paul Tibbits.

That evening he had worn a dark blue suit. When the dance was over, to my embarrasment, Paul Tibbets' suit was loaded with rabbit hair! Static electricity did it, for we were not even dancing close! Honest!

Marion Batt Mannheim

Rock Hill

Here's a way to provide water

Controlling the weather is next to impossible, but there is something that can be done to provide an abundance of clean drinking water to the Carolinas, especially the Charlotte area. U.S. Navy ships never run out of fresh water. Nor do countries around the world that have no rivers or lakes and that have very little rainfall. The answer is desalinization.

Run a pipeline from the Atlantic Ocean to Lake Norman. Construct a desalinization plant there, and start converting seawater into fresh water.

Franklin Whittlesey

Fort Mill