Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - November 4, 2007

National politicians fuel local apathy

Let me say first that I appreciate the journalism of Andrew Dys. His articles are well written, engaging, and often make me feel real good about our community and the activities that are going on here. We are fortunate to have him here.

The "Shame on You" article that graced the front page of the Oct. 18 paper, however, needs further review and comment in my opinion. Rather than approaching the voter apathy issue from the perspective so eloquently described in the article, let me offer another view. I find this view shared by many of the people here in our community, but directed more so at the national political fiasco that we seem to deal with year after year regardless of the political party "in control."

I am very satisfied with our local political leaders. and I know first-hand how hard they work and care for us here in Rock Hill. They are a special group of citizen-servants, and I am thankful for them. On the national stage, however, things are different, and it seems that whoever we place on that stage succumbs at some point to the disease of power and self-interest, and they "begin to believe their own press."

This is the larger issue, I believe, and I also believe that when we begin to elect leadership at the national level who will put aside their self-interest and, even more importantly, begin to truly serve their constituents back home with more than tired rhetorical speech, we will once again begin to see the voters in our communities turn out to support the local political process in much larger numbers than we see now. Unfortunately, our local elections are somewhat hamstrung by what happens in Washington and the resulting malaise that overtakes the citizens of our community. To all of the members of our local councils and commissions, thank you for giving us your time and your service! Voter turnout isn't the only yardstick by which you are judged, so keep up the good work! I, for one, appreciate you.

Steve Reeves

Rock Hill