Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - November 7, 2007

City has lost devoted friend

Last week, the Rock Hill community lost one of its best with the untimely death of Lynn Carter Koven.

As more than 300 of her friends and family joined in a celebration of her life, we all learned about the true impact Lynn had on this community and the people whose lives she touched throughout her brief life.

The stories of childhood friendships that have lingered on until today, the stories of strangers who met because of Lynn's influence and the community events that were impacted by her sense of volunteerism were part of the celebration of her life.

Whether fulfilling her duties in a variety of city services or volunteering in a variety of community activities, Lynn was the benchmark for what commitment and caring truly mean. She never said "no" when asked to help and would go out of her way to ensure that responsibilities were met to the best of her ability.

I join many others in this community in knowing that having Lynn as a friend and part of my life was a special, special gift. A gift that I shall always treasure and use as a talisman to live my own life to its fullest, just as she did hers.

Ann Scott Terry

Rock Hill

Solicitor's attacks are unjustified

Several weeks ago, York Mayor Eddie Lee made a request of the solicitors office to explain why so many crimes in York were not being tried, why bails are being reduced and cases being dropped. This was a legitimate request, and the solicitor, Kevin Brackett, should have responded to the mayor's request.

The solicitor has chosen to attack the York Police Department to move the attention away from his own department. The shooting death that occurred on California Street offered him the opportunity to attempt this deed.

I believe that in any case as serious as this, everyone who has a gun on the scene should be a suspect initially and arrested. In this case, this was done, and two people were arrested with warrants. Even though both were charged, it became clear that one may not have been the one to pull the trigger, so the warrant on him was voided and the other warrant was served. The first warrant was filed to show that the first person was a suspect. Does not all of this sound logical? I am not a police officer or an investigator, but common sense should prevail.

I believe Brackett is acting very childish and should not make false accusations against a whole police department as he has done. It seems that he should try to be a better communicator, and he might learn and get better results, making his job easier. This situation never surfaced with Tommy Pope.

Police Chief Mobley, no doubt, was doing police work when solicitor Brackett was still in diapers. I believe Mobley has forgotten more than the solicitor will ever learn. This whole situation is nothing short of retaliation for the request the mayor made in the first paragraph.

I say to the solicitor, lighten up, quit being critical, learn to work with everyone, and if your department can do anything to help other police departments, that is your job. You are a public servant and should do your job in a professional manner. That is what you are being paid for. Don't forget it.

Harmon Merritt


Hawks leading nation to war

The "hawks" in Washington (especially those who never saw combat) are hawking the bombing of Iran and the possibility of World War III.

Apparently, these "brave" war-mongers never read the quote about, "those who fail to learn from the errors of the past are doomed to repeat them!" Nor have they read the quote by my favorite president, Thomas Jefferson, who noted, "Never was so much false arithmetic employed on any subject as that which has been employed to persuade nations that it is in their best interest to go to war! "

Charles J. Krall

WWII veteran

Rock Hill

Did school board spend money wisely?

While looking at the heraldonline.com Web site recently, I saw the "Breaking News" banner with the headline: "No South Carolina school districts meet 'Adequate Yearly Progress.'"

I wonder if our school board members think the surplus spent on turf was such a good idea now.

James Troyan

Rock Hill