Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - November 8, 2007

Slow down in school zones

This letter is written out of utter disappointment to the folks of Rock Hill but also as plea to the city of Rock Hill, the Police Department, the Traffic Commission and whoever else could possibly have a solution to a pressing need of the children of this city.

As a parent of a student at Ebinport Elementary, I have never seen in my life the blatant disregard of human life as I have here, in our very own school zones. I see it every day, people on India Hook acting like they are on the interstate instead of obeying the school-zone speed limits and slowing down for our kids.

This is certainly not the only area this is a problem; it happens in every school zone. We have people disregarding posted school zones and blowing through them. Our crossing guards, putting their own lives and safety on the line, have to put up with being cursed, disregarded and disrespected by drivers concerned only with getting to their destination faster. I pray it does not take an innocent life of one of our precious children before something can be done.

People, pay attention to the flashing signs and slow down for our children. They deserve two minutes of your time to ensure their safety.

Summer Housley

Rock Hill

County has many artists and artisans

Jan and I have been in York County just 30 years now, and when we came, Annie Laura Hamrick was well known for her craft sale west of Hickory Grove by the Broad River. We joined that small stream of people by having our own sale here at our pottery, and there are more joining as our area grows.

You need to get close to artists and craftsmen to find that they do what they do because of a restless energy to create something with their talents. Most of the time, they barely make a living from their work. There are undoubtedly any number of reasons they continue. In our case, we know we are standing on the shoulders of parents, teachers, friends and older artists who were here before us. One truth, sad but true, the artist-craftsman is often least appreciated by people who live nearest.

I know the need for art-craft items has been changed dramatically in the modern retail world. Most art and craft is bought for gifts. Aren't we incredibly fortunate to be able to afford that? But, aren't those skills and objects still important in most of our lives? I sincerely think so. I wish we had a venue to have a continuing discussion about this.

We are participating in the holiday weekend art fair for local artists and crafts people on Nov. 23 and 24, the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Mount Vernon Methodist Church, 2160 Smith Ford Road, in Hickory Grove. Included in the fair are Myersart and Friends Hickory Grove Art Fair; Sandy Singletary-Barefoot Pottery in McConnells; and Cathi Sandford-Herb Barn, on Parham Road in York.

Please come out and have a conversation with these people, buy a piece of their work and, if you do like what they do, tell them. Many of them need your support. You might find we all have a lot to share.

John Myers


Read the labels on toys and food

Why do we, as Americans, continue to buy products made in the countries that have taken our jobs away? Do we read the labels on our food, clothing and toys? Obviously not. We keep reading and hearing about all the recalls on toys, but what about food? How long, America, will we allow others to benefit from us and cont-inue to poison us?

Frankie W. Wright