Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - November 10, 2007

Political cartoon was irresponsible

The cartoon appearing on the Nov. 2 Opinion page was the most biased, untrue, misleading cartoon that I have seen in a long time.

Its inference that President Bush's veto of the SCHIP insurance bill was a way to get rid of all children was irresponsible. In publishing the cartoon, you have chosen to ignore the facts concerning this whole situation. This bill was drawn up to include people up to the age of 25. These are not children. This bill was another attempt by the liberals in this country to control health care one step at a time.

If your opinion page editor has any sense of truth and fair play, he will denounce such inane editorial cartoons in the future.

Jack Joplin

Indian Land

Safety should be officers' first concern

I am a Winthrop student and am appalled with a recent run-in with a Winthrop police officer. I arrived on campus late Sunday night because I was studying in the library until midnight. The limited parking lot for residents was filled, so I parked in a faculty parking lot so I would not be in danger of being raped or worse by walking down deserted streets.

Classes begin at 8 a.m., so I moved my car at 7:30 a.m. to avoid receiving a ticket. However, I received a ticket and went to the on-duty officer to tell him I had been fearful of my life the night before and that was the reason for my parking there. It is obvious this man does not have children because he would have been more sympathetic. His only concern was that I pay my ticket and find parking elsewhere.

My safety was not an issue to this man, whose job is to protect his students in any way possible. I am very ashamed to call myself a Winthrop Eagle, and I believe that people like this officer give a bad name to Winthrop police. This man was extremely demeaning and rude to me, and it is sad to think this is who my university has chosen to protect me.

I think the priorities of our campus police should be reviewed to see if they are there for the students or the money. I want to know my safety is the top concern to our police officers, not my $35 ticket.

Heather Ellison

Rock Hill

Visit by candidate brought out volunteers

Over a hundred people came out to the Blackmon Road community to see Sen. John Edwards and actor Danny Glover on Nov. 2. The articles and news stories have reported on the presidential candidate and how he is doing in the polls.

The news articles did not report on the direct impact to the community. As executive director of A Place for Hope, I want to thank all who came out and volunteered. Forty-eight collard green plants were planted. A playground was weeded. Additional space was created in a storage shed. A food pantry was sorted and stocked plentifully.

A community of volunteers came together to learn about one of the pockets of poverty that exists within York County and immediately went to work assisting the community. A Place for Hope thanks everyone for having the courage to get dirty and take action.

Karen McKernan

Executive Director

A Place for Hope Inc.

Rock Hill