Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - November 11, 2007

Stolen flag once flew over U.S. Capitol

We would like for the person(s) who stole our 5-foot by 8-foot American flag to know that this was a very special flag to us. It had flown over the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. It was given to us by Congressman John Spratt to honor the residents of our village. We can only suppose that you thought it was a big "joke," but in reality it is a very sad thing you did. We are proud to be Americans, and we were proud to have this flag flying on our new, lighted 50-foot flag pole at the center of our village. Also, why did you leave the Christian flag hanging upside down? Would you be so kind as to return our flag? That would be much appreciated!

Ruth Sneaker

Rock Hill

Catawba Indian festival a success in Lancaster

I would like to thank each and every one who helped make out first off-site "Yap Ye Iswa" a success. I especially want to thank the director of Catawba Cultural Center, Dr. Wenonah G. Haire, and staff for all the hard work you have put forth, not only during our fundraiser festival but for the years of dedication to the Cultural Center and the Catawba.

To the many families involved in bringing the children to drum and dance practice, a heartfelt thank-you. The children are the future of this tribe, and by being involved in their culture our future can only be brighter through them. A special thank-you goes to the dean of USC-Lancaster, John Catalano, Dr. Stephen Criswell and his family, plus the USC-Lancaster student volunteers for the help and support. And thank you to the drum groups, Native Sisters, the River Boyz and Thunder Elk, the Catawba Executive Committee, the Boy Scouts and the LDS missionaries. All your help and support was invaluable.

Beckee Garris

Rock Hill

Celanese stop lights need coordination

I'm not sure who is responsible for the signal lights on Celanese (S.C. 161) as you approach the ramp to Interstate 77, but someone has to do something to coordinate these lights. I drive this route every day and the back-up is unreal. I am there early (6:45 a.m.), so I can't imagine what it is like at 7:30 a.m. But it backs up almost to Mount Gallant. The problem is that the lights are not coordinated, which I wouldn't think would be that hard to do. Seems to me if that if all three lights were coordinated traffic could move more smoothly. It also doesn't help that everyone in the middle lane now has to get over to the right. It is like they don't know they want that lane and move over at the last minute, causing those of us in the right lane to have to slam on brakes. In this day of high cost of fuel and concerns for the environment, the idling of these cars is only adding to both of those problems. This is only one of many roads in Rock Hill that have the same problem. What's it going to take for this to get fixed?

Judy Roberts

Rock Hill