Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - November 13, 2007

Give veterans care they deserve

In reference to last week's editorial, "Veterans need counseling," I would like to personally thank The Herald staff for their coverage of this often neglected subject. I was among the near 2,000 veterans who showed up in a rainstorm at the opening of the Rock Hill VA clinic on Glenwood Drive. I think only a few hundred were expected, because the seats and barbecue were quickly gone. Many stood in the rain. I would have thought Ray Charles could have seen that there was a greater need for services in the York/Lancaster counties area than the VA was prepared to give.

I have attended mental health sessions there and in the newer facility for over five years. There are many dedicated staff members who have their hands tied because of cost restrictions. Yes, the need is enormous and growing. The fix is slow and costly. The cause did not happen fast, and the cure cannot be rushed just by pushing a clock back.

We cannot afford to lose dedicated counselors like John Garland. Please ask for his reinstatement and for the funds to give our vets the care they deserve.

Fsd Ballard


Disabled worker can't get health care

It is truly sad that in this day and age people can't get the health care they need in this country. Case in point: I know one individual who is not physically able to work and has applied for disability benefits, only to be denied. He is attempting to appeal, but in the meantime he can't work, barely can walk and is in constant pain while sitting and standing. The only doctor's office around that will see him is in Rock Hill, and that's because they fall under the Hill-Burton Act. He still has to pay $40 to see that doctor and still has to pay full price for prescription drugs if he has the money.

His doctor has ordered three MRIs on his back, but the Chester Regional Hospital refuses to perform them. Why? Because he needs several thousand dollars up front to cover the cost of those MRIs.

This is truly sad. The state of South Carolina has also denied this individual Medicaid benefits, even while he is awaiting confirmation from his disability appeal. How can a person survive? Luckily, he has a disabled mother with a limited income who can help.

When will our elected poster boys in the S.C. General Assembly and in the U.S. Congress stop the bipartisan politics and tackle this problem. I guess never!

Shane Stuart