Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - November 17, 2007

Graham has brought shame on state

Once again, I had the great displeasure of reading in The Herald about Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., who has, without a doubt, brought more shame and embarrassment to our state than anyone I can remember. He recently was joined by his partner in immigration crime, George Bush, to raise money for his 2008 re-election.

I first met Lindsey Graham at the 2004 annual York Electric Co-Op meeting, showing himself off as the wannabe next conservative Republican senator from South Carolina.

Since his election, Graham has worked in concert with George Bush and other elected officials against overwhelming grass-roots opposition to circumvent the immigration laws of our nation and to legalize criminal behavior regarding these laws. These laws have worked successfully for many years and have provided a rational and secure way to welcome and assimilate people of all nations legally into our society and into a life of fulfilled hopes and dreams. Surely, Graham swore upon his election to uphold the laws of the United States. Yet, he has worked diligently in the short time he has been in Washington to legalize criminal behavior, which should, in effect, define his own actions as criminal.

The best advice I've ever heard concerning politicians is to pay very little attention to what they say and a lot of attention to what they do. You will hear a lot of spin (lies) from the Graham camp concerning his voting record on immigration. However, facts don't lie. Pay a visit to www.numbersusa.com and click on "Immigration Report Cards."

I hope the voters of South Carolina won't allow the seriousness of Graham's actions to fade from memory. He can still do great harm to our country while still in office. Don't be deceived.

Steve Lowman

Rock Hill