Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - November 18, 2007

Be careful during holidays

As people begin preparing for the holidays, most won't think twice about getting behind the wheel. I want to encourage everyone now to begin thinking about safety as you and your families plan holiday trips and outings. The Thanksgiving holiday begins another deadly stretch of time on our roadways lasting until New Year's. There have been 22 highway fatalities in York County this year.

The Highway Patrol is alerting motorists in this area and throughout the state that you will be seeing more enforcement in the last weeks of the year. Our goal is to curtail crashes and fatalities. Your local troopers care about your safety. This is our community, too.

The most vital component of a safer community is you -- the individual driver. We are asking you to take responsibility for your family; buckle up; always designate a sober driver; reduce your speed and keep your mind and eyes on the roadway at all times. We want to wish everyone a safe and joyful holiday.

First Sgt. Ray Sapp

South Carolina Highway Patrol

Troop 4 Post C

Councilman will stay active in community

I would be remiss if I didn't say that I was disappointed in the results of the city election held on Nov. 6, but I respect the voice of the people. I'm extremely happy Councilman Larry Harper was re-elected to a third term and also think George Sheppard will do a great job. I've committed to George to work with him. I'll ask George and the rest of City Council to please keep public education and public safety at the forefront. During the remainder of my term, I will continue to work for all the citizens in the best interest of the city. I plan on continuing my work with the Fort Mill school system and involvement with local charities and other civic organizations.

I am sure that Hope McBride and Ron Kazel also will continue their community involvement, and I want to express my admiration for their efforts. I told my daughters, Jacqueline and Lauren, and my many supporters that we are all winners in our campaign efforts, but we just didn't have the most votes.

I thank all of my many supporters for their very hard work and many hours spent on my re-election campaign, especially my good friend and former Councilman Stephen Perkins. I am proud of the citizens of Tega Cay for exercising their constitutional right to vote, which kept Tega Cay out front in voter turnout when compared to other municipal elections. God bless America.

Ron T. Kirby


Tega Cay

We aren't born with prejudice

There was a recent story on Duane "Dog" Chapman saying he thought it was cool for him to use the "N" word from a brother to a brother and only found out four days ago what the "N" word meant to black people. What world does he live in?

The "N" word stands for hatred, and why would he think he could use that to a brother? He ain't no brother. Our young black men and women use the "N" word toward one another and don't realize what it means. Young folk need to wake up and learn what black people went through with the civil rights movement to get where we are today. The "N" word was what black people were called during slavery, and it's not cool or hip, it's ignorance.

Dog's conversation was not to a brother; it was about his son's girlfriend, a beautiful black woman. He apologized so he can continue his career. He has hatred in his heart for black people. His apology is unacceptable because he doesn't mean it. He knows he has hurt his career. Most of all, he has made it clear to his son's girlfriend that she will never be excepted. He has yet to apologize to her.

It is so sad. We are not born with prejudice, it's taught.

Lula Samuel

Rock Hill