Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - November 21, 2007

Look for the good in people

What a surprise to start reading the Andrew Dys column on John Burton and forget how I met John. It was under not-so-good circumstances. I was at Moss Justice Center for 20 days (first time and last). He came and went twice while I was there, and what a character.

I'm not really sure how someone with those issues could be such a gentle and sweet person. He slept right beside me the first time he was there. Everybody knew him, and, after a few days, so did I. I would eat meals with him and just talk. When I ordered something to eat and toiletries, I would ask him if I could get him anything, and he would say, "No, thank you." So, I figured out what he liked or needed and got it anyway.

He was always so appreciative. I knew that a lot of people in the justice system knew him, but not on that level. What a wonderful tribute that everyone gave him. I wish I could have been there, even if to just say goodbye to someone I knew for such a small time. It's always easy to think that the police and justice system are just out to be intrusive and powerful, but this article proves the opposite.

So, with this, I would like say thanks for your article and thank you to the people who serve and protect justice in York County. I think Ken Fields said it best: "Look for the good in people. It is there."

Paul G. Sarvis

Rock Hill

Prejean shouldn't oppose death penalty

Comments made by Helen Prejean are distasteful and sickening. Helen needs to wake up and get real.

She says keep them in prison to where they can't harm anyone else. To put them to death puts them where they can't harm anyone else. And it's a lot cheaper on the taxpayer. You don't have to feed them, clothe them, keep them up or build more jails. This solves a lot of problems. When you keep them in prison, they have three meals a day, a bed, a warm place in the winter, a cool place in the summer, a telephone, a TV and an art facility.

This isn't prison. It's a place to stay where they don't have to work another day in their lives. I have to work to have a place like this.

The reason I know this, it was brought out when they had the trial for the one who murdered my son for his car. This happened over 11 years ago, and the thug still lives. So, I suppose there are more people like Helen Prejean feeling sorry for these poor old murderers. His car was used to go to Virginia to murder again.

Our son was very special to us. He was three months premature and only weighed 2 pounds and 14 ounces at birth. The doctor only gave him a 25 percent chance to live. We had him for 22 years. Now there is a void that can't be filled in our lives.

The Bible plainly states that if you take someone's life, you will lose yours. Helen is advocating to those school kids to do away with the death penalty. If this should happen, more innocent people will be killed. For with those who would kill, knowing that they wouldn't lose their lives, anyone is a target.

When you force your will and way on others with force, you don't have a place in society, and you should have lost any right that you ever had. The things that she describes aren't God's way. If she was what she claims to be, she should know what the Bible says. She should quit printing all of this garbage, but I guess some people will do anything to sell a book.

Bob Allen


County roads poorly paved

I live in the county, and they just finished "paving" my road. I put paving in quotes because I have sincere doubts about that entire process. The road is "paved" with tar and gravel and, this year, sand. The "paving" process did nothing to cover the ridges or the dips in the road.

There weren't any significant potholes that actually needed to be "paved" to the best of my recall, so what exactly was done here other than waste taxpayer money? The tar and gravel "paving" is such that every few years they have to go over it again. Why not just pave the road with blacktop or asphalt, and spare our cars the repair dollars for the tire alignments and shock adjustments that we continually need for driving on these roads? Just down the road, poor Chester County has blacktop on the exact same road that much wealthier York County has re-graveled so many times. I'm speaking of Mobley Store Road, Brattonsville Road and Chappell Roads, in particular.

It's bad enough not to have certain amenities out here like cable, gas and voice mail, but good grief, this isn't the 1980s anymore. The roads should be far better than this.

C. Jordan