Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - November 23, 2007

Community lost dedicated teacher

Rock Hill has lost a dynamic educator named Clare Sturkey. I met her around 30 years ago when she worked with my special needs daughter at Winthrop University's Human Development Center. Then, some years later, she worked with my granddaughter for speech therapy.

Even though I never knew her personally, I felt privileged to be in contact with such a knowledgeable, caring and dedicated person. In my opinion, this is a great loss for Rock Hill.

Barbara Puckett

Rock Hill

Supreme Court's actions inexcusable

Integrity: Firm adherence to moral and ethical principles, soundness of moral character; honesty.

This is the value that the S.C Supreme Court has stated that we, the citizens of our state, should not question the body of our highest court of possessing.

Hogwash: Meaningless or insincere talk, writing, etc, nonsense; bunk.

This is the noun that best describes the inane excuse our Supreme Court is offering us as explanation of the decision to not only license one unqualified individual to represent themselves as an attorney in our state, but also to give clearance to 20 other failed applicants to practice law! Their reasoning, they stated, was "to be fair."

Let's talk about "fair."

Is it "fair" for an unknowing citizen to retain an "attorney" who did not legitimately pass the state bar exam? Is it "fair" that the consequences of doing so might possibly alter the lives of the innocent client and his family in many disastrous ways?

"Fair" to me is having the assurance of my state that if I am in the position of needing legal services, any licensed attorney I choose to retain has proven his or her ability to practice law by passing our state's bar exam. "Fair" is, once having made an honest mistake, to correct that mistake with an apology to the failed applicant and to take the necessary precautions that the mistake will not occur again.

"Fair" is requiring that the candidate retest, just as everyone else has been required to do."Fair" is certainly not giving blanket law degrees to an additional 20 unqualified candidates!"Fair" is upholding the passing or failing of the state bar exam as the defining difference between a "law student" and a "lawyer."

As upset as I am about this, I can only imagine how attorneys who legitimately earned their degrees feel about the matter. I sincerely hope that those attorneys in our state do not allow this injustice imposed by our states highest court to go unchallenged. To do so would undermine all the values that our laws supposedly mandate.

Darrell Ayers


Honored students get no publicity

As a proud parent of a Principal's Scholar student, it is upsetting to know that The Herald has decided to stop printing school honor rolls in the newspaper. If Andrew Dys has enough room on the front page (and entire back cover) of the Sunday paper to honor an alcoholic whose life was spent in and out of jail hundreds of times, I think The Herald can make room for local students who work hard to be successful in school.

It appears that those who are deserving of being honored in the news are omitted in place of those who are burdening the taxpayers of York County. Please re-think your policy on printing the honor rolls, which are only available online, and not everyone has access to that.

F.W. Gaynor

Rock Hill

Let nature take its course

Thank the Lord for the leaves. They shade the ground and keep in the moisture. Therefore, the grass can grow in the spring.

Some people fight nature by putting up gutters and so-called gutter guards. The leaves stick to the screen wire (gutter guard) causing splash-back, rotting the boxing on the house. Then you really have trouble. You don't need gutter; let the water flow naturally off the house. This water runoff waters the entire yard around the house. It saves you work and takes care of water shortage.

You don't need to do anything. Let nature take its course.

Rev. Stafford Belk

Rock Hill