Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - November 27, 2007

Do voters want socialist president?

The only difference between socialism and communism is the method they use to take over a government. Socialists promise something for nothing to voters, and the ignorant fall for that lie.

Communists take over governments by force, not the vote. Both of these systems abide by the Karl Marx rule, "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need." This system enslaves the honest, productive citizens and makes masters of politicos, bureaucrats and parasites.

A capitalistic system (a free market) on the other hand, is a system where each individual works, buys, sells and trades voluntarily with others, without any party, including a government or a Mafia, allowed to initiate force, fraud or coercion into transactions. In a true capitalistic society, every voluntary trade or exchange of goods and services ends in all parties making a profit or at least breaking even, according to their values.

Since the New Deal liberalism of the 1930s changed the definition of the term "liberal" to really mean socialism, the Democratic Party has become socialistic, with the Republican Party now heading in the same direction.

Make no mistake, Hillary Clinton is a socialist. One only has to pay attention to what she has said, done and attempted to do.

If you liked the USSR or Castro's Cuba, you will love Hillary if she is elected president.

Communist China was just as bad as the two mentioned, but is now becoming more capitalistic daily and, like the USSR, will eventually shed communism.

Charles Blackwell


Thanks for meal honoring veterans

I would like to thank the Golden Coral for giving our Veterans a free meal for their service to our country on Veterans Day. Great people, and so was the food.

Gerald Brown

Rock Hill