Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - November 28, 2007

Where is outrage over bar exam mess?

Does anyone care enough to have an opinion concerning the "scoring error" that resulted in changing the grades from fail to pass in the recent bar exam?

Is the public too complacent to notice or, I think, too fed up with the rich, famous, prominent, powerful, etc., doing what they want because they can? It seems from the president on down, power has privilege and no accountability.

The "scoring error" is, in my opinion, on the level of wardrobe malfunction. I don't buy it, accept it or believe it.

When my husband took the bar exam in New York, they were assigned a number, so the scorers did not know whose test was being graded. Even JFK Jr. failed the N.Y. bar exam more than once, and he re-tested until he passed on merits.

They failed on wills, trusts and estates, so that portion was thrown out. Does that mean they don't need to know that or they won't practice in these areas? One needs to pass the entire test and not have any portion thrown out because of failure or "an error in transcription."

This issue reeks of impropriety and serious misuse of power.

In a triathlon, no one would get to the finish line without having passed all of the challenges. They would not throw out the running, biking or swimming portions because some contestants failed and then consider them as having passed.

One either passes or fails an entire test or challenge, no exception. There is only one fair way to clean up this mess, and it's to enforce the existing rules. Simple and fair to all.

Nancy Luchs

Rock Hill

Where did he matriculate?

In the Nov. 19 Herald, David Cloninger has a commentary in which he says he is well educated, having earned two degrees from some unidentified university.

After reading the piece, I wonder if these degrees were earned at some "mail order" university or, even worse, at the University of South Carolina.

Robert H. Grant

Rock Hill