Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - November 29, 2007

Students need to follow the rules

This letter is in response to Heather Ellison's remarks on Nov. 10.

I would like for Heather to know that I am a father of two children, both of whom are girls. They are grown now.

My first response is to the campus police officer. I commend him highly for upholding the laws of the campus, including that of the parking lots. This type of action should never hurt the name of the college. Heather should not have parked in the faculty parking lot, not for any reason and at any time. She broke the rules.

Safety should have been her first concern. She should have never been out at midnight or later by herself. She could have had the books she needed checked out of the library ahead of time and conducted her study in her residence where she would have been safe.

I don't see how she could expect the faculty members to park their car and get to their respective classrooms in 30 minutes. In today's world, somehow we have come to a point there is no right or wrong, only a large gray area in between. People seem to think that it is all right for them to break the rules because they have a reason. This is not a good practice. Right is right; wrong is wrong! No excuses.

All I can say to Heather is if she is ashamed to be called a Winthrop Eagle, she should pay the fine and find another college.

John Whitmire

Rock Hill