Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - November 30, 2007

Can residents control growth?

I grew up in west Charlotte. As a young man I hunted, fished and hiked local farms not far from my parents' home. As I grew into my 20s, development took these places from me. Bulldozers ran 24 hours a day, more and more people moved into the area, taxes climbed and traffic became unbearable.

I met a local Rock Hill girl, and we were married and moved to Rock Hill. I loved it! Everything was close, and there was no traffic!

Unfortunately, everyone followed me.

After eight years, we moved to Hickory Grove in western York County, with 16 acres of mature hardwoods. I fell in love again. I wish I had moved here 20 years ago. Now, with the expansion of S.C. 5, development threatens again. Also the first new nuclear power plant in 30 years is being built now, 3 miles from my home!

So finally, my question: Do we, the people of York County, have a right to limit our population?

Kannapolis/Concord has run out of water, before the drought! Now they want to steal our water.

Charlotte has become a congested mess with a high violent crime rate, high taxes and soaring property costs that push normal people out. And they are fast running out of water.

Atlanta has run out of water and is fighting in federal court to steal water from Alabama. All this due to soaring population with no regard to how many people the land can support.

How do you want our county to look in five or 10 years?

Ask any airline pilot about flying into Charlotte and they will tell you about the mass deforestation due to development. Charlotte used to be called the city of trees. Now it's the city of parking lots and shopping centers.

Do you want and are you prepared for Rock Hill to look and feel like Charlotte and Atlanta? Do you want all of York County to be developed without regard to what its people want and what is good for us all?

Do you want us to use up all of the available water, have the Catawba River stop at the Lake Wylie dam, and have us pay a premium price for our drinking water?

Some will argue that without rampant, wild growth our economy will suffer.

This is a lie .

A lie that will help the few profit at the expense of the many.

What do you, the people of York County, want?

Do we have the right?

What will our legacy be?

Stephen Owen

Hickory Grove