Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - December 1, 2007

Gesture was special to son

I am writing to thank Chester High School quarterback C.C. Whitlock for doing something special for my 9-year-old. On Friday, Nov. 16, after the game, C.C. took my son down the line to shake hands with the players. C.C. will never know how happy he made my kid.

C.C.'s parents have a special kid. Thanks to Coach Floyd and to the coaching staff and team for making the town proud.

Anthony Scott


Chicken is on the menu

I have a question for one of your staff. I would like to know how David Cloninger likes to have his chicken prepared. Does he like to have it fried, grilled or baked? Tigers 23, Gamecocks 21 -- eye of the tiger, baby!

Eric Armstrong


Let market decide smoking policies

The editorial "Smoking bans help business" is a perfect example of taking a fact and twisting it to draw a false conclusion to suit your own purpose. The fact that a restaurant did not lose business after enacting a no-smoking policy is great. It shows that business owners in a free market can offer a product for which there is a demand and make money. It has no relationship to what the effects of a government-imposed smoking ban would be on affected businesses.

As a smoker, smoking policies are a consideration when I choose where to spend my money. They are also a factor for non-smokers when choosing where to spend or earn their money. Let the business owners set their own policy, and consumer demand will strike a balance between smoking and non-smoking establishments. There is no need for governments to impose the will of a portion of society on the whole society.

Mike Betz

Rock Hill