Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - December 2, 2007

U.S. needs oil from Alaska

The United States Geological Survey estimates that there are between 5 billion and 10.4 billion barrels of oil, not in Iraq or Iran, but in the Alaska National Wildlife Reserve. Where might you ask is ANWR? It is in the middle of a 19-million acre tract of uninhabited barren tundra, where it is brutally cold nine months a year. Out of that 19 million acres, the area where scientists say these huge oil reserves lie makes up 2,200 acres. This would be an area about the size of a postage stamp if you laid it on a 10-by-14-foot rug. The federal government owns this land and set it aside for oil exploration.

In 1985, the House and the Senate overwhelmingly voted for development of this land, and it was vetoed by President Clinton. A survey of Alaskans found that 75 percent want this oil recovered. The cost of recovering this oil is estimated at $30. per barrel with a return on investment of 12 percent to those recovering the oil. I know that you tree huggers are woozy reading this article, but I want you to do this: Go to Google and type in ANWR vacation. The results are zero. Nobody goes there!

A few facts about Alaska: There is no income tax or sales tax. In Alaska, they have what is called the Permanent Fund Dividend, which is a fund set up by the big oil companies to pay each resident up to $2,000 each year in October just to live in Alaska. The government also has a homestead program that will pay you to live in Alaska.

My proposition is to allow the oil to be extracted from ANWR for a 10-year period while we develop alternative non-petroleum sources of energy. We continue to be at the mercy of people who hate us and want to kill us who are now supplying us with our oil. Please write to our Democratic senators and representatives and tell them we have had enough! Vote these dummies out! I will vote for any presidential candidate, regardless of political persuasion, who tells me that they will dedicate themselves to this purpose. Wake up, America, these Democrats hate America and are bent on its demise.

Jeff Fairfax


District should have prayer before games

Congratulations to the Northwestern Trojans for making it to the Upper State championship game. Even though I am a Bearcat fan, I want to recognize the Trojans for their great season this year. However, my letter is not about football.

My wife and I went to the game in Duncan and were so very happy to see that the game was opened with a public prayer. This is an act that my family misses at every home game we attend at Rock Hill's District Three Stadium. I applaud the Duncan school system for continuing this tradition, which should be sorely missed by any Christian attending our football games, no matter which team is playing.

I do not wish to push religion down any person's throat. However, at the same time, I do not feel that others should be denied the right that was given to each citizen of this great United States of America. If any person does not wish to stand during the prayer that is their individual right. Our country's ancestors founded this country on the principles of freedom of speech and religion.

How sad that our elected officials in this area do not allow some form of public prayer before our football games, as I have seen in other school districts.

Bobby Faile

Fort Mill