Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - December 5, 2007

Host team's fans lacked manners

On the night of Nov. 23, many of my family members and friends headed to Byrnes for the playoff game. Our waitress at a nice little barbecue joint warned us of the reception we would receive.

I was initially greeted by a Byrnes cheerleader asking if I wanted a program of the "winning" team. With 6:38 remaining and the score 14-0, the announcer said, "All you Northwestern fans leaving early have a safe trip." Following the game, a male Byrnes fan offered to fight my sister while his child asked him to stop. I never knew why, due to his broken "English" explanation.

It's like having a fine house with no knowledge of how to entertain. We just don't treat our guest like that around here. Great year, Trojans!

Rusty Carroll

Rock Hill

Get bio-diesel fuel from fast-food fat

I am, by profession, a fast-food restaurant manager. I saw an article about waste management being proposed by the York County Council. For the last 10 years, I have been reading about bio-diesel fuels. These fuels are made from burnt fry grease used at fast-food restaurants. In Gastonia, an enterprising employee of the school system not only proposed, but built a bio-diesel plant in a school bus garage.

Now, I understand your question, "Why does this matter to me?" The answer: Fast-food restaurants like McDonalds, KFC and Hardees almost give away their waste fry grease. Ladies, I wouldn't trust your makeup, because that is the No. 1 use of fast- food grease.

Actually, your white-tablecloth restaurants are even bigger users of fry fat grease. Mothers and fathers, do you love your schoolage children? Then demand bio-diesel be used in your child's school bus. Why? Because your child's bus is polluting his or her lungs. With bio-diesel, that is a drastically reduced problem. Not only will your child breathe less harmful pollutants riding in a bio-diesel bus, but bio-diesel also is a lot cheaper than diesel gas.

Hugh Haynsworth

Rock Hill