Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - December 7, 2007

Water leak poses danger for drivers

I'm sitting hear reading a letter from Ron Thompson concerning the water leakage on Heckle Boulevard. I have called the city twice about the water leak there and was told that they could not dig up the street because state Department of Transportation would not give them permission.

The water leak is right in front of my house and is getting worse. I, too, am concerned about a sinkhole. I think I will be the first to fall into the sink hole before Mr. Thompson, as I have to drive through it every day to get to my house. And if that happens, someone is going to pay dearly. Not a threat, but a promise.

Beulah Peterson

Rock Hill

Columnist has beef with the Patriots

What is it with Associated Press columnist Tim Dahlberg and winning teams, or does he just not like New England teams? First he disses the Red Sox after winning the World Series by comparing them to the arrogant Yankees. In his opinion, a team must wait at least 80 years before winning a title in order to be respected.

Now, here come the Patriots. In his opinion, in so many words, they're cheaters. Were there some questionable calls in Monday's game? Possibly. Are there questionable calls every weekend in pro sports, according to the fan of the losing team? Definitely. Should Bart Scott have been penalized and personally fined for yelling at the refs and throwing the flag? Most definitely.

I can understand frustration, believe me. I've been a fan of the Patriots, Red Sox and Celtics all my life. I know about frustration. It's understandable to root for the underdog and despise the winner. Bottom line, the reason the Patriots are winning is because they're good.

Can they be beaten? Sure, they're human, they're not perfect, just darn good. By the way, in case Dahlberg hasn't noticed, the Celtics are 14-2. I know it's very early in the season, but what do you think? More shenanigans going on here?

Nancy Neil

Rock Hill