Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - December 11, 2007

'Golden Compass' is rousing adventure

Recently, David Pharr wrote a letter regarding the atheistic theme of the movie "The Golden Compass." I would first ask Mr. Pharr if he actually saw the movie or read the series, but I know it would be pointless. Instead, Mr. Pharr appears to be writing this article based on negative articles written by overtly critical Christian organizations.

Phillip Pullman (the series' author) has won multiple awards for "The Golden Compass," including the Carnegie (1995) and the Guardian Award (1996), both of which are very prestigious awards in the UK. Having read "The Golden Compass," I can tell you that it is a wonderful read, and I would recommend it to anyone with small kids.

Regarding the Mr. Pharr's statement, "As the adventures develop through the three books, God is depicted as an evil and oppressive," one just has to open the Bible to see how evil and oppressive the Christian God can be.

Mike Toohey


Parade needed more music

My family and I attended the annual Christmas parade, and we were all totally saddened. Yes, there were many more entries, but where was the Christmas music and cheers? Usually church groups, Brownie troops and others sing Rudolph and other familiar songs and shout Merry Christmas.

If not for the bands and a few others, there would have been silence. Also, the lack of lights on many cars caused those of us who read to have no idea who the person was as we could not read their signs. Maybe next year, the theme should be the sounds of Christmas!

Lisa Brantley

Rock Hill