Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - December 12, 2007

Has letter writer read the Bible?

In response to the recent letter by Mike Toohey, I find it odd that he can question the individual who criticized the movie "The Golden Compass" by questioning whether the writer ever saw the movie or read the series, and then turn right around and call God Almighty evil and oppressive.

Seems like it's possible that Mr. Toohey has not read the Bible that he takes so lightly. That's a rather strong indictment for the God who, through his grace, grants us our next breath.

I have not seen the movie nor read the series, so I have no opinion on that subject; however, I have read the Bible and experienced the grace of God. Has Mr. Toohey?

William Yeater


Characterization was unfair

I am writing in reference to the recent front-page story, "District launching Saturday program." I was appalled at the comments made by Mary Chandler, principal of Independence Elementary School. She stated to the school board that the program's goal is "to reach the children who have low self-esteem, little background for success in education and stay embarrassed at being in the upper grades and yet behind."

I am sure that many of the children who will attend this program do not fit into this category. The desire is for these children to improve their scores on standardized tests. It is imperative that children are not labeled, but obviously that is not the case with these comments.

How do you think the children would feel being labeled with low self-esteem, not successful or being behind? I wonder how many students or parents read these comments and found them to be degrading. I sure did. I would hope that in the future that comments like these would be well thought out before expressing them.

Tammy Walls

Rock Hill