Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - December 13, 2007

Writer shouldn't deny God's existence

In response to Mike Toohey's letter about the Golden Compass: First and foremost, he must not have opened the Bible or read it, because he then would know that my God is a loving, forgiving, merciful God, who sent his only son, Jesus, to die on the cross for you and me. That, my dear sir, is not evil.

Who does he think blesses each of us with all we have? Where do miracles come from when doctors give us no hope? It is God. Mr. Toohey calls us overly critical Christians. Yes, I stand up for my God and my church family. I do not promote hatred.

Phillip Pullman has flatly stated that his books are about killing God, the God who has blessed him, and he is too ignorant to see. He can have all the awards he wants, but I will get mine in heaven. I pray for Mr. Toohey and others who have not chosen God as their lord and savior. Instead of reading those books, try the Bible.

Ask me if I've read the books or seen the movie -- no and I will not. Anyone who could say or depict in writing that God is evil needs to come to Blackstock First Baptist Church and pray with us and let us lead him and show him how God lives in our lives. Like our pastor says, "Greater is he that's in us, than he that's in the world."

Pennie Prichard