Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - January 25, 2008

Clinton stronger on the vital issues

I support Sen. Hillary Clinton because I believe she is the strongest candidate on every issue. Her policies are more detailed and display a better grasp of the challenges facing our nation than those of her main rivals. She is stronger on the economy, health care, child care, energy and, yes, she is even stronger on foreign policy.

A lot has been said about Sen. Barack Obama's judgment, and while I certainly believe him to be an honest and promising politician, I am not sold on that premise. I find him guilty of the exact same triangulation, especially on the matter of foreign policy, that he has condemned in other candidates. He has campaigned by painting himself as a multilateralist who would sit down with Iran and Cuba without condition. (Get it? He's not like W!) Then, worried about seeming too dovish, he stated in the New Hampshire debate that if he had "actionable intelligence," he would strike terrorist camps in Pakistan without warning. (Get it? He's not a wimp!)

Clinton's response detailed the dangers of lobbing unidentified incoming missiles into a nuclear-armed and volatile nation that is never more than a few steps removed from the precipice of apocalyptic war with India. Clinton's foreign policy isn't about trying to score points with her constituency, it's about keeping America safe.

While identifying mistakes is certainly a valuable tool in ensuring that they are not repeated, the first step a strong leader takes is correcting them. We need a leader who will show us the way out of a fix, not one who will start a fight over how we got there. When it comes to Iraq, Clinton's platform is both more detailed and realistic.

I am happy that Sen. Obama has a "vision" for our country, and his campaign has shown that many Americans share in it. But, the truth is this: America is in a jam, at home and abroad; our economy is slumping; our health- care system is in shambles; we lack a coherent foreign policy. We're in a jam, and no vision, however wonderful, is going to get us out of it. What we need is a plan.

When South Carolinians vote on Saturday, they should vote for the candidate with the plan -- Sen. Clinton.

Leland D. Graham III

Rock Hill

What's Obama's stance on Confederate flag?

This is a question that I have for Barack Obama. He came to South Carolina early in December, and he made a statement about the Confederate flag. He said he thinks the flag belongs in a museum. I haven't heard him campaign about the flag. Would he please let me and the people in South Carolina know what he intends to do about the flag?

Martha Miller


Network isn't 'fair and balanced'

So much for the "Fair and balanced" Fox news network. On the Hannity-Colmes show recently, the "flag" that has caused so much silly and irrelevant controversy in the presidental dabate was shown flying from the dome of the capital in Columbia, not once, but numerious times.

That was a distortation of the truth. That flag was removed from the dome years ago by the S.C. Legislature in a compromise that, at the time, was approved by many of its black members.

The national media loves to portray my beloved state as a haven of redneck, race-baiting, yahoos with minimal intelligence, but this distortation of reality by a network that constatntly pats itself on the back for its fairness, shows that this network is in the same media gutter that it constantly attacks.

Mr. Right, Sean Hannity, did not have the decency to state the fact that the flag had been removed from the dome but left it to his liberal counterpart, Allen Colmes, to do so.

If you are going to talk the "fair and balanced" talk, have the decency to walk the "fair and balanced" walk.

Charles T. Payne

Great Falls