Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - January 26, 2008

Campaign stop was inspiring

Last year, I was called to Blackmon Road's A Place for Hope. I had a little trouble finding it, had to make a few calls. I am very ashamed to say that I live in Rock Hill and did not even know about the Blackmon Road area. I was amazed. John Edwards and Danny Glover were there but not the main focus. My eyes were opened, and when John Edwards said we take care of each other, work together to take back the American dream, that was it.

This was not about him. It was all about the folks who live on the road. I have always been impressed with Edwards but this was the arrow to my heart. You did not see a lot about it on the news, small bits here and there in the paper.

I have a front row seat in watching good jobs going away. I am proud to still be working at what was once one of the biggest employers in Rock Hill, the former Rock Hill Printing & Finishing Co. otherwise known as The Bleachery. At one time, over 5,000 people worked there, buying homes, sending their children to college, having the chance for the American Dream. The very first local credit union was started by those workers. Those workers helped to build Rock Hill. We now have fewer then 90 workers and are blessed to still have a job.

I want someone who is going to stand up for the middle class. We put people into office hoping they will remember us. Hoping ... it should not be hoping, it should be knowing. I am sad to see the focus being taken off the real issues and put on the fussing back and forth, the Clinton-Obama drama.

John Edwards, if you see this, talk louder, talk stronger. There are those of us who do hear you. I will be there waiting with my vote for you!

Patricia N. Thatcher

Rock Hill