Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - January 30, 2008

Western York County needs road money

Earlier this month, Dennis Moss hosted a western York County citizen meeting about the roads in our area. While the panel members provided bits of information about construction and repair of roads and the increasing cost of the work, one in particular kept repeating one item over and over. He kept emphasizing that of all the money for roads, western York County received the bulk of the money from Pennies for Progress and "that is all you are going to get." It sounded as if we were being selfish in requesting that our roads be repaired.

What he failed to acknowledge is that the money goes toward S.C. 5, that happens to run through part of western York County. That money does not go to the repair and maintenance of our daily use roads.

The widening of S.C. 5 is not for western York County but rather for the use of those who wish to get to and from south I-85 and Rock Hill or the eastern part of the county.

The logging trucks that help supply the lumber for the burgeoning growth of the east side are the greatest cause of road failure. S.C. 5 is for everyone in York County, and the cost should be shouldered by all apart from the needs of western York County.

Another interesting observation was that only one panel member and Mr. Moss had actually driven around western York County. It could be concluded that those making the decisions about our roads only use the ADT (average daily traffic) as their source of information rather than including other factors such as road conditions, abuse by logging trucks and the safety of the road.

The money for the construction of S.C. 5 does not eliminate or alleviate the need for repairs of roads in western York County. A sarcastic analogy might be: The panel member tells his children, "I need my Porsche, you cannot have new shoes -- we can't afford it."

Elizabeth Mixon

Hickory Grove