Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - February 2, 2008

Decision made to protect wrestlers

I am taking this opportunity to address a concern as to why the Rock Hill wrestlers were not "allowed" to compete (Voice of the People, Jan. 27). My concern is for the people who know nothing about the situation but read these letters and form an opinion according to what they read.

It had been my intent to ignore the subject, but in defense of my own character and the Fort Mill High School athletic program, I will offer a brief explanation. This will be my only response, as there are other, more newsworthy issues.

First, I have nothing to do with the date that another team schedules "senior night" or any other event. My decision to forfeit the last two matches had nothing to do with disrespect of the Rock Hill High School wrestlers. It had everything to do with not risking injury to my team, a team that has already lost three highly talented wrestlers for the season, including a defending state champion. The injuries, combined with the opening of Nation Ford High School, have left us in a situation where we do not have backup wrestlers at most weight classes. Additionally, having been involved in athletics for many years, I have seen situations that were best avoided. It was already a highly emotional match, and I felt it best to avoid a potential "incident."

It is no different than the football coach who pulls the starters late in the fourth quarter to ensure that they are healthy for the next week or playoff round.

As far as the example set for my own team, my athletes trust me to do what I believe is best, and they support my decision. Do I believe winning is important? Absolutely, as do most other coaches, business people, politicians, athletes or other people where the goal is to ultimately be more successful than the others. It's competition.

I admire the writer's grit and support of his friends. I do, however, suggest that he direct his attention to more important local, national and world issues for a better example of what would be considered selfish, dishonorable and despicable.

Chris Brock

Head wrestling coach

Fort Mill High School

Still some honest people in the world

I would like to thank the lady who returned the black purse to the manager of the new Super Bi-Lo on Cherry Road on Jan. 26. After loading my groceries, I left and went up the road to make a cash deposit. When I reached over to get my purse, it was not there. I realized I had left it in the shopping cart.

That money was supposed to pay the bills. I was very upset thinking that even if my purse was found, it probably would not have any money in it. I drove back to the store, and when I pulled into the parking lot, I could see that my purse was not in any of the carts. I went to the customer service counter and asked if anyone had turned in a black purse. The co-manager asked my name, while handing me my purse. She asked if I had anything in it to prove it was mine, so I showed her my driver's license and, to my surprise, my money was still there.

She told me a lady had brought it in. I believe that this lady needs a big thank you for being honest. It's nice to know that in this day and age there are still honest people in the world.

Elizabeth Voss

Rock Hill