Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - February 4, 2008

Ending poverty just a dream

The Democratic party wants to end poverty. That is truly and literally the "impossible dream."

In a capitalistic society, where wealth is not imposed or controlled (mostly), there has to be poverty. Without poverty, wealth cannot exist, not because poverty is imposed, but because poverty is an intrinsic part of the free society, lending and interest system. In a word, everybody can't be above average.

If ending poverty is a Democratic campaign foundation, which it is, then people should be aware that the Democratic party is marching us toward a post-war German economy where buckets full of money won't be worth the material it's printed on.

I learned this lesson in middle school. It's math, government and the immovable law of averages. It's too bad the Democrats were absent that day, because not only is it a misguided and unreachable goal, but they're passing it off as a viable possibility to gain votes from the hopeful, the less fortunate and the not-so-upstanding system abusers.

They need to offer something people need but can't obtain on their own. They need to implement workable solutions. They don't need to offer unobtainable dreams. Ending poverty is a dream, and from it they'll wake to overwhelming disappointment.

Brian Fatool

Fort Mill

Football program lacks good equipment

I think everyone in our community is aware that Clover won its first state football championship this season. The community seems oblivious to what happens behind the scenes in our football program. We were very fortunate to have five years with an outstanding coach and genuine good person. Now we start the search again.

The problem is, if we don't fix our underlying shortfalls, we will start this process over. You can't develop a winning tradition with that scenario. Most believe the football program has everything needed. They don't see a weight room that's too small, equipment that doesn't work or the bent weight bars. They don't see a practice field with holes the coaches put pylons on to warn the players. The film room will only sit half of the varsity team. The office space utilized by the coaching staff is inadequate. These problems continue to burden our program.

I know all of this requires money to correct, and there is never enough. But I also believe a compromise is always possible. The situation with the Optimist organization receiving the profit from the home concession stand has been beat to death. If we are limited in the athletic budget, why do we allow anyone to make a profit at the expense of our children?

I also believe the community is willing to pay a little more at the gate if it will ensure the continued growth of our football program we love so much. We are shooting ourselves in the foot by allowing the program to fall by the wayside. Football helps to make all other sports exist.

The argument presented is that a second high school may be needed in the near future. We would be spending money on wasted space. I don't understand that argument because we spent a lot of money on a practice building for the Choraliers that would be wasted space. Their projections must have proved the space would be utilized by growth. I'm sure football will grow given the same opportunity.

The football program tries to offset some of its cost by raising money on its own. But, it often is met with obstacles. The community is small with limited resources, and the program cannot sell merchandise in the stadium due to a conflict with the band.

Football brought a great sense of pride to this community. I believe we owe the program our support. Please join me in requesting our school officials via e-mails, phone calls or letters to take a closer look at the current shortfalls hindering our beloved football program.

Wanda Summitt