Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - February 6, 2008

Why was veep denied coverage?

I was and I still am totally lost as to how come, during the last two weeks in January, Al Sharpton got more TV and radio time more newspaper coverage than the vice president of the United States when he came to Charlotte. In all my years, I cannot remember that happening.

Bill Jordan

Rock Hill

Hillary Clinton's outrageous claims

In reference to Thomas Sowell's Jan. 23 column, "Demagoguery often leads to tragedy," I agree with his every word. However, while he had the readers' attention, why didn't he expose some of the outrageous claims by Hillary Clinton?

For instance, she boasts of having 35 years of experience in presidential matters, which qualifies her to lead our nation. When she was questioned about some of the 1,400 racketeers, drug dealers and other lawbreakers that her husband pardoned the last days of his presidency, which included her own crooked brother and brother-in-law, as well as Marc Rich, who was on America's most wanted list at the time (he bilked our government out of billions in back taxes), she claimed she had no knowledge about anything concerning decisions made by the president or words to that affect.

I urge every voting American to read Barbara Olson's book "The Final Days" before Election Day. Your eyes will be opened to the real goal of the Clintons -- absolute power at any cost! With terrorism spreading in the world at an alarming rate, do we really want this woman at the helm? Think about it!

Jayne Fudge


More apologies due from mayor

I wish our Mayor Echols would apologize to us clerks who witnessed or worked in that store!

When are the freedom riders going to apologize to us?

Why now, except Mayor Echols is "fishing" for votes! I've never seen MLK day made such a fuss over!

"Its politics, stupid," as the saying goes! God help our country, and God help us!

M.A. Fox

Rock Hill