Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - February 7, 2008

Pet owners must be responsible

Do people know and understand the meaning of the word responsibility? The one thing that mystifies me is peoples' refusal to take responsibility for their pets. Pets, especially dogs, are roaming all over the place, most with no collars. Why have a dog if you are not going to care for it?

On a recent Saturday night, my husband drove to the gas station. He hit a dog. It was apparently quite a big dog. He called me, extremely upset and livid. Why was he upset? He is a dog lover like myself. Why was he livid? Because he cannot understand why people let their dogs roam free. This dog was a purebred, he believes. Now it is dead. I sure hope there is no child crying for her dead doggie.

I am sorry for the owner's loss, but it is his fault that he let his dog roam the countryside, knowing full well there is a busy highway. My husband should have gotten the owner's number and/or address from the poor dog's collar and contacted him so he could pay to replace the front grill of our vehicle. He could not do that, though, as he was too distraught.

This morning I went outside and looked at our car. As I gazed at the front grill, I could not help but cry as I thought about the poor dog. And I could not help but feel pure fury at the thought of all the ignorant, irresponsible people who have dogs but do not care properly for them.

Perhaps the poor dog escaped from a pen; we will never know. If so, I apologize for this rant, and I am sorry for the owner's loss.

To all pet owners: Look up the meaning of responsibility in the dictionary. If you cannot handle it, find a good, responsible owner for your pets.

Anneleise Dickens

Fort Mill