Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - February 22, 2008

Don't cut meal plan for seniors

We are members of the Browning Sykes Sunday School class at St. John's United Methodist Church and recently read in The Herald of Gov. Sanford's proposal and recommendation to the Legislature to discontinue funding the Meals On Wheels program. Most of us are lifelong South Carolina citizens and are old enough to remember the Great Depression and its effects on our national and local economy. All of us are on fixed incomes, and more than most we understand the need for savings and the concern of government waste, but we also understand that there are many elderly and poor that need attention and this is the only program that provides for their needs.

The Meals On Wheels program is well run and not excessive in its cost. For many elderly seniors and indigent citizens this is the only program that provides a hot meal every day. It is a program that not only feeds the elderly and poor, but is the only contact that many of our citizens may have during the week outside of their home. As The Herald pointed out, this program literally means life or death to many citizens, as sometimes these providers find the resident has fallen or needs other medical assistance and can notify emergency services to respond to their aid.

This not only helps reduce their injury and pain but also reduces medical and future rehabilitation cost. We and many of our friends strongly support this program and implore the governor to recommend the continued funding of this program as in the past.


Browning Sykes Sunday School

Rock Hill

Editor's note: This letter was signed by 12 members of the Sunday school class.