Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - February 25, 2008

Animals don't have choice in cockfighting

Having just read Lee Rabon's letter, I'm surprised he can spell and write a letter, because all else is wrong about it.

For one, cockfighting is not a legitimate sport (why else would there have been a cockfighting-ring bust just a few weeks ago?). Oh, yes, people have died in the name of sport and have become crippled for life, as Rabon wrote, but I have yet to hear a rooster say, "Let me fight till death, because if I win, I will have much money, so I can live a life of luxury."

As for Rabon's remark about "all the birds that fight don't die," I can only say, is he not generous? What Rabon doesn't realize is, we have our own free will to choose to fight in a ring, whereas roosters or any other poor animal used for fighting have not. People like Rabon, and others like him, who fight animals for money or kicks are nothing but cowards.

Why don't they have the courage to put on spurs, jump into a ring and hack themselves to death? I would be the first one in the front row, and clap for the winner.

Last, no, I do not sit down to eat steak and chicken. I'm vegetarian and I go strictly by: "Hurt no one, then what harm can you do."

Inge Smith

Rock Hill

Cockfighting just good ol' boy pastime

I am disgusted by all the hoopla being stirred up by the cockfighting raid in York County on Super Bowl Sunday. All the preaching that ensued about toughening the law because of all the horror, cruelty and bad things that supposedly go on during cockfights.

I want to know the price tag on this "sting." How many taxpayer dollars and federal funds were wasted on the SLED helicopter, DNR aircraft, K-9 units, all that manpower from all those agencies, the booking and processing of the those arrested, the care of the seized birds and the probable euthanasia of said birds? The fuel alone to power all the vehicles involved would be in the thousands, I'm sure.

This is a total misuse of funds. Funds that should have been directed to drunk driving prevention, fighting drug trafficking, rebuilding roads, improving education, deporting illegal immigrants, all issues York County and South Carolina suffer from.

Do people gamble at cockfights? Yes. Small amounts of their own money. Is there drug use at cockfights? Yes. Usually three or four fellas smoking their own stash of marijuana. Do roosters die at cockfights? Yes. Just as they did when the founding fathers of the United States of America fought them. Is all this illegal? Yes. Misdemeanor illegal. As it should be with $1000 fines or 30 days in prison.

Anti-cockfighting advocates would have the public believe that there are a host of horrible people and things associated with cockfighting. Well I've been to them, and that just is not the case. Nothing but a few good ol' country boys, on their own property, far away from anyone else, fighting their own birds that they hatched, raised and care for.

No matter how much John Goodwin of the Humane Society, PETA or any animal rights agency would like the public to believe, this is a minor crime. People who commit crimes against people get lesser penalties than those proposed by felony cockfighting legislation. To equate cockfighting to a crime against a human being by giving it harsher penalties or felony status is truly ludicrous. It should be an embarrassment to anyone who pushes to make it so.

I truly hope that we speak up to all our government representatives. If we don't, soon horse racing, dog racing, rodeos, dubbing a dog's tail, clipping a dog's ears, castrating your own livestock, all of these will be felonies.

Jensan Louis


Do what it takes to keep us safe

How irate should parents of schoolchildren be about the questionable ground beef used at schools to feed their children?

Has the news media jumped the gun in reporting a story of what our government is not inspecting, but the humane society uncovered?

Recently, on "60 Minutes," we were told about a drug used for heart surgery that has caused many deaths while our Food and Drug Administration apparently did nothing. Did the deregulation in the 1980s include the philosophy of no government intervention?

Democracy only works if we work at it. Many parents are working hard to support their families, so I call on other retirees, like myself, to busy ourselves in writing to our congressmen and the president about the need to ensure that established institutions have whatever it takes to keep us safe, and that should include the school cafeterias and the hospital operating rooms.

Golda McKenny

Rock Hill