Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - March 9, 2008

Thanks to community for supporting bond issue

On behalf of the Keep Our Schools Strong Committee, we express our deepest appreciation to voters of Fort Mill school district for their overwhelming support of the bond referendum election on Tuesday.

As leaders of the committee, we also thank our many volunteers who contributed countless hours and boundless energy to help educate voters and also motivate them to vote "yes." These volunteers did an amazing job, evidenced by referendum questions 1 and 2 passing with 81 percent and 76 percent support. Our pre-election polling showed voters generally were supportive of both questions, so we were delightfully shocked by the landslide. The support from voters was beyond our wildest expectations. Credit goes to our volunteers, school parents and booster club members.

Many thanks also to those individuals, businesses and organizations that contributed money and other support to help us run this campaign. Brochures, advertising, yard signs, polling surveys and direct mail are expensive but necessary to run an effective campaign that reaches voters. We could not have done this without financial support from a diverse group of contributors.

We also thank local media for their coverage during the campaign. Their reporting helped demonstrate the true needs of our school system and raised much-needed awareness among the voters.

Finally, we thank members of the school board for asking us to lead this campaign, the district staff for their support, and, most importantly, the teachers and students of Fort Mill School District. Their achievements in and out of the classrooms have reflected well on our community for many years. We look forward to their future success, and to the opening of future school facilities.

Thank you, Fort Mill school district voters, for pledging to Keep Our Schools Strong.

Wayne Bouldin, Lori Hillman, Ted Matthews


Keep Our Schools Strong Committee

Leap Year is special for many

In response to the recent "Leap year day is special" article, I would like to comment. I am really surprised that it's taken this long for marketers to jump on the promotional bandwagon. I guess somebody, somewhere finally realized that this is sort of a big deal, especially for the estimated 200,000 people who were born on Feb. 29th in the United States.

You see, Don Parrish, my daddy, is one of those people. Our family celebrates his birthday on Feb. 28 unless, of course, it's the year that the 29th rolls around. Then, we really make a big deal out of it. When we were small, he would use the number of actual birthdays for his age instead of the years. We really got a kick out of that because eventually his kids got to be older than he was.

To my family, this Feb. 29 was a special day! Happy "18th" birthday, Daddy and to all the people born on Leap Year!

Terri Land