Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - March 11, 2008

Two people came to rescue

I am writing this letter to express my sincere thanks to two special people who recently went out of their way to help me. My husband suffers from dementia, and on a recent visit to his doctor's office, he became confused and walked away from the car. I had gone into the office to pick up his prescription, and when I returned to the car, he was gone and I could not find him.

I panicked and was upset and confused myself, but Kara Hawkins, who was a complete stranger to me, came to my rescue. Just in passing by, she saw that I was upset, and she stopped what she was doing to help me look for my husband. Once we found him and everything was all right, she was gone just as quickly as she came up, and I never got a chance to tell her just how much I appreciated her help.

During that time I called Betsy Brice, who is my co-worker and friend. She immediately left her work to come help us in our search. She, too, was a godsend to me that day. She was right there when I needed her, and without any hesitation. I am happy to report that my husband was found not far from where he left the car. While he was exhausted from the walk, he was fine. And to my angels here on earth, I would like to thank you both from the bottom of my heart. I wish there were some way I could repay their kindness. May God bless them for all they do for others.

Annie Perry

Rock Hill

Creationists don't need scientific fact

To those who state creationism should not be taught in school as it is not scientific, I would submit that one who believes in the creation theory, or God almighty, does not need scientific fact: We simply have faith, a knowing of a superior being, the Holy Spirit.

There is a purpose for everything in the Bible. There is a reason for what is said that perhaps not every human is meant to understand in every instance explicitly, and or may not meet scientific scrutiny.

In life, there will always be things that are unexplainable. The creationist does not need scientific fact.

For this person, God's splendor is in great abundance around every corner. For example, when you peer into the stars at night you must ask, where did it all come from? There is also realization that the universe or space continues into infinity, with no end in billions of different directions.

Is it just by accident that man maintains dominion above all other creatures on earth?

I see no cow or squirrel or bug that can build jet aircraft or build on past knowledge. Only man.

There will never be a scientific answer to where we came from, the infinity of the universe or reason for man's dominion. And I've noticed how the evolution theory changes every couple of years with a new discovery.

In a nation of 80 percent who believe in a superior being, it is only appropriate that the educational process educate students and allow each to make his or her own independent decision with respect for the opinions of others.

And why not. No evil comes from goodness, morals, values, honesty or respect. If you believe in evolution or the scientific theory, that tells me you think you are kin to a bug or ape, which is fine. Just don't expect me to put much stock in your belief or what you have to say.

Charles Parks

Rock Hill

Cars should not have been towed

What do you think of this? Winthrop played Davidson recently at home before a sellout crowd! Well, the traffic was horrible trying to get into parking at the Coliseum, so we parked in that little shopping center off Cherry Road where you turn to drive to the Coliseum.

At intermission, they announced that anyone who had parked at that mall would have their car towed! Now, I am most upset, as Winthrop is trying to sell out their seats, and if you support Winthrop and go to the game, your car will get towed and cost you hundreds of dollars for parking around the Coliseum! That's an awful way for the city to treat people who are trying to support the Eagles! Talk about a fleecing. This beats anything I've ever seen!

John T. Peterson

Fort Mill