Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - March 14, 2008

Winthrop didn't tow fans' cars

In response to John T. Peterson's letter, "Cars should not have been towed": Winthrop didn't tow his car. The owners of the shops where he parked did. It is my understanding they even had people walking around the lot with signs reading, "If you park here, you will be towed."

If you tempt fate, bad things sometimes happen. So, he shouldn't blame Winthrop for a mistake he made.

James Troyan

Rock Hill

Graham should have completed statement

In Sunday's Herald, Lindsay Graham was quoted as saying, "Bush has done 'a heckuva job.'" But Graham didn't finish. He should have said "... just like Brownie." Too bad Graham, a good Republican, lacks that kind of insight and honesty.

Jerry Walden

Rock Hill

We're on primrose path to socialism

I find it remarkable that no local Winthrop University or area college professors are up in arms about the socialism promised by both Democratic presidential candidates. Have they or we learned nothing of the recent past?

The failed USSR and Fidel's Cuba are prime examples of where the primrose path to socialism leads.

There is no difference between the effects of socialism and communism. I am not privy to what the economic and political science teachers are inculcating into innocent minds of otherwise bright and well-meaning young people, but one cannot find any of their warnings being published. One must assume they are closet socialists.

Capitalism is responsible for all of the economic good that has come to our nation since its founding. Capitalism is the only economic system based on voluntary participation. All others, especially socialism, require the use of force, fraud or coercion by mafia types or government.

Some claim laissez-faire capitalism is idealistic. It is, but there is no conflict between the ideal and the practical.

Starting with establishing the Federal Reserve, losing the Gold Standard and followed by the New Deal liberalism legislation of the '30s (the new way of saying socialism), our nation is today taking the final step to socialism if either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama is elected president. Both candidates adhere to the Karl Marx maxim, "From each according to his ability; to each according to his need."

Every politician of every party who supports socialized medicine is a traitor to our founding fathers and to everyone who has been harmed in fighting for our country. Every teacher who promotes socialism is also a traitor. However, the truth of it should be taught in an objective and comparative manner.

Charles Blackwell


We've had enough on mascot dispute

Enough already! We get it! Can we please stop with the explanations of how USC came to be called the Fighting Gamecocks? Really, thanks for the history lesson, but I think we've just about got it now.

This silly mascot and now the passionate defense of it are just a couple of the reasons nobody takes USC seriously. That and the fact that none of their sports teams ever win anything consistently. If their football coach, Steve Spurrier, was so concerned about the Confederate flag, God forbid, offending someone (i.e. affecting recruiting) then why isn't he concerned about the image a fighting chicken mascot portrays? Cockfighting is illegal, after all. Flying a confederate flag is not. Would the "Fighting Pit Bulls" be OK for a mascot?

This is the same university that has to be so politically correct that they hold a rally in their football stadium for Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey (is she running for office?). But it's OK that everything associated with the school name has the stigma of promoting animal fighting attached to it.

Regardless of where the name came from, it's still a laughable and unimpressive mascot. Do you think there might be a reason no other school in the country has adopted this nickname? One writer came out of left field and said at least it's not the Tigers. Seriously? You mean it's not an impressive specimen of an animal that's ferocious on its own, doesn't represent illegal activity and isn't something people eat every day? You're right, it's not.

Jordan Bowers


Parents should wait in line

As a member of the School Improvement Council at Lewisville Elementary School, it is my responsibility to inform the appropriate people of the complaints from parents. I am not the only person who has complained about what happens in the parking lot.

The problem was those who got there early separated their cars so no one could get spots that were being saved for their friends. It is not fair to the other parents who have to wait on the hill and work their way down to pick up their children, and watch other people come around them and get to park at the front of the line.

Instead of acting like bullies, we can take it to the principal or superintendent. I'm sure he would be glad to discuss this.

Susan Archie