Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - March 19, 2008

Animal activists are clean-up crew

This letter is in response to Tyler Huff. I did not get much from his letter other than he feels environmentalists and animal activists are the enemy. Well, I just want to let him know we are not.

More and more, we seem to be the clean-up crew. We are just trying to make this world a better place for humans and animals. All of us were put here for a reason: The environmentalists, to take care of the earth and pick up after the people who think it is all right to throw their trash wherever they please, and the animal activists to protect God's creatures and make sure they are taken care of and not abused.

My feeling is, while you are sitting back munching on your burger, some of us are still out cleaning up litter and rescuing abused animals. I know I am.

Patty Oneppo


Firefighters saved home

It seems like all we hear about today are the people who are doing bad things. Recently, I saw the good in many people. Our garage and house caught on fire. Two volunteer fire departments -- Oakdale and Lesslie -- responded six minutes after the 911 call that was placed by one of our neighbors.

The firemen saved our house, and when they could have been spending the day with their own family, they were back checking to be sure we were OK. We are so blessed to have these young men in the fire departments. Also, we would like to thank our angel named Jonathan Duncan. He stopped by and let us know about the fire and got us out of the house. It saved the life of four people -- my husband, two grandchildren and myself. God bless everyone who helped us.

Melvin and Willene Goins

Rock Hill