Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - March 26, 2008

Obama would be dangerous for nation

We, as a nation, are in so much trouble if Barack Obama is elected president. This man, who gives such flowery speeches, to date has said absolutely nothing. He preaches "hope and change," but how does he plan on giving us hope, and making what changes? He won't dare tell us, because then the American people will see what his agenda truly is.

His solution to everything is to raise taxes on the working people of America. He wants big government, a weak military and social programs that will bankrupt this country. His plan is to take money from hard-working people that earn their income, and then turn part of that income over to people that sit on their rear ends, contribute nothing to society and wait for that government check to come every month. They've always been taken care of, and Obama will only continue that with more of our money.

He plans on having every person in this country with medical insurance. Would the good senator please tell us who is going to pay for this. He hasn't, as of this time. I guess the working people will also have to pay for that program as well.

Since the uproar about his mentor and preacher came up, he has been caught in one lie after another. He certainly knew what kind of hateful lunatic this supposed man of God is, and no doubt holds the same views about this country and whites as does his preacher.

It is just unbelievable that there are so many people that are buying this man's act. Being able to give flowery speeches does not make a man a leader of this country. You eventually have to talk about the issues confronting this country and honestly tell the American people what you are going to do to solve them. Rhetoric and spin will not work.

This man is dangerous.

Frank Price

Rock Hill