Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - March 27, 2008

Banner project brightened city

I would like to recognize the Arts Council of York County, the Rock Hill school district and the city of Rock Hill for the Art with Heart community banner project.

It has been such a pleasure over the last few weeks to see the Main Streets of downtown Rock Hill brightened by the colorful banners. The banners bring energy, color and liveliness to downtown. It's unfortunate that the banners will have to come down shortly, but I hope that this project is the first of many that get the community involved in the arts while brightening Main Street.

I and many others have appreciated the colorful walks through downtown Rock Hill these last few weeks. Kudos to all that were involved!

Tamara LaValla

Rock Hill

How to energize Textile Corridor

Dear Mr. Mayor, Regional Chamber of Commerce People, Textile Corridor Folks ... and Wal-Mart: After recently noticing that Wal-Mart appears set on opening a new store every five miles in York County, I am ready to propose the obvious solution to getting a business going in the Textile Corridor -- a super Wal-Mart. Think about it, friends! What would better jump start business in the downtown Rock Hill area than a Wal-Mart in the Corridor.

Winthrop students would love it. A 24/7 business open next door would be fantastic, since the new core of the campus is next door to the corridor. Residents who live near downtown and have no grocery store would be thrilled to have a Wal-Mart grocery in their neighborhood. Who would a Wal-Mart in the Textile Corridor displace? Nobody. No mom-and-pop stores are in downtown anyhow! The few restaurants already there would still flourish. Heck, they would even do more business because the Textile Corridor would draw people who would have to eat somewhere other than in the aisles of Wal-Mart!

Would any of the Saluda Street business fail because of Wal-Mart? Heck no. Wal-Mart is not into beauty parlors, funeral parlors or used cars. Would Cherry Road businesses suffer? Maybe, but not the restaurants or the alleged Earth Fare, which is supposed to open sometime in this millennium in Winthrop Commons. Since the Tega Cay folks got their way, more or less, by asking Wal-Mart to design an exterior compatible with the so-called Tega Cay ambience, why couldn't the Chamber of Commerce require the Textile Corridor Wal-Mart to do the same? In fact, why wouldn't Wal-Mart use several of the existing Bleachery buildings for the store? Makes good sense any way you look at it.

I say let's get on the bandwagon now and get the next Wal-Mart up and running in the Textile Corridor. This is a win-win-win solution for everyone!

Earl J Wilcox

Rock Hill

Residents knew airport was nearby

Please let it be my imagination that a Herald cover story actually contained a suggestion for moving the airport. "We have to think of what is good for the county"? Please. I find it difficult to believe that people who bought homes near the airport never once thought, "Hey, there is an airport next door. I guess it won't bother us, do you, honey?"

Now, some of those people have chosen to complain about air traffic noise and expansion? Come on! You chose to buy your home and you knew there was an airport right there in your eyesight.

If you have any sense whatsoever, you know York County is growing by leaps and bounds -- and with that comes a need for growth at the airport. Imagine the money for this city and county that will come with that growth. The idea of moving the airport is absolutely senseless and selfish. It was the residents' decision to live there, now they need to deal with it or move. How dare they suggest moving an entire airport somewhere else so it will upset other residents (who, by the way, did not buy a home near the airport) other than themselves? Oh, and another suggestion for them: earplugs.

Anneleise Dickens

Fort Mill