Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - March 28, 2008

Air traffic and noise were predictable

I have been reading with interest the neighborhood vs. the Rock Hill/ York County Airport articles in The Herald.

How is it possible that a person spending a large sum of money to purchase a home would neglect to research the immediate area of that home? Why should the city and county sacrifice tax dollars because homeowners do not want to take personal responsibility for their own oversights? Having leaves on trees is not an excuse for not knowing that a runway is less than 200 yards from your front steps! The airport has had an expansion plan for many years and has not taken steps to hide this fact. I purchased a home near the airport 19 years ago, and when researching the area learned that the airport planned to expand and attract more business. If these homeowners had invested as much effort when they purchased their homes as they are now in fighting the airport, they wouldn't have a problem.

I understand homeowners not wanting to have disclosure forms signed when selling their homes acknowledging they are in a "nuisance zone."

The city and county do have some responsibility in this problem. Allowing developers to build in such close proximity to the airport and in the flight path of the air traffic was wrong. I always wonder who profited from the development.

A.K. Hamilton

Rock Hill

Washington State earned advantage

I'd like to respond to Pete Petroff's comments about the "unfair" advantage Washington State had over Winthrop. I'll go on the record that I am a big Winthrop fan and plan on attending in the fall, but Washington State was the higher seed and it earned that geographical advantage. It's how the tournament works.

If Winthrop wants to play in Charlotte for their first-round game, it needs to be the No. 4 seed. It's harder because of the conference they're in, so it's something we all have to accept.

Ron Mathieu

Rock Hill