Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - March 31, 2008

What Genesis really says

This letter is in response to the writer who was questioning the difference between chapter 1 and 2 of Genesis. Dr. Dakes, author of "Dakes Annotated Bible," describes it this way: Chapter 1: 3-2:4 are the summary of the six days work. Chapter 2:4-25 are a more detailed account of the work of days 2-3-5-6. The first narrative states what God did and embraces the universe and all things therein. The second chapter is mainly a description of how the work of days 2-3-5-6 was done.

In the first, the Divine Being is called Elohim, indicating creative relationship and infinite power. In the second, He is called Jehovah -- Elohim indicating covenant relationship and infinite power, so as to inspire man with implicit faith.

Also, I have a question to ask The Herald readers. You keep hearing preachers preach that it took Noah 120 years to build the ark. Then tell me how he did it, mathematically. His sons were already grown men. Noah didn't have children until he was 500 years old. The flood came when he was 600 years old. His youngest son was 97 years old when the flood started. He was 100 two years after the flood. The flood lasted one year and 17 days. So please explain to me how you can get 120 years out of that. I'm listening.

Elaine Threatt

Rock Hill

Debate wanders into briar patch

Recent discussion in the Voice of the People regarding thorny opinions and facts about creation and evolution has been very entertaining. The combatants' exaggerated posturing seems a caricature of both points of view near their extremities. To that end, for them so far afield, I offer a few barbs of criticism which may suggest they have wandered off into a patch of briars.

Science and religious beliefs are separated by differing requirements of discipline and thought. Religious faith should not rely upon scientific theory any more than science should require faith. But because of some, these groups are being driven farther apart by something they share: A suspicion that the other is corrupting people's minds.

This leads to deeper and narrower trenches, and taller fences in between. It suggests that one who believes in creation cannot be a good student of science, as judged by peers, and that one who accepts the theory of evolution cannot be a good Christian, as judged by God.

A simple-minded view of the Bible is as poorly served as a close-minded acceptance of scientific theory. However, while faulty science has caused loss of life, biblical ignorance has lost souls.

Dan Wilt

Rock Hill

Homeowners must take responsibility

I'm sorry that these people don't like the airport being near them, but I'm pretty sure that they noticed it when they were buying their homes!

Ultimately it is the York County Council's fault for approving housing developments that close to the airport! They should have been less greedy and realized that this was going to happen.

I also think that we should hold the homeowners accountable, though. They knew an airport was nearby.

I'm sorry if only one plane flew over while they were looking at their house, but it is their responsibility to research their area. When you look for a house, you take a lot of things into consideration. What schools would the kids go to? Are they good schools so that resale will be OK? What is around my house? Is there too much commercial area? Are there other neighborhoods that would bring down my value of my house when I want to sell?

Oh, yeah, I hear there is an airport nearby; maybe I should go look at it and talk to them and see how much traffic they usually see.

We always teach our children to take responsibility. Well, as adults we should, too!

Melissa Lahrs

Rock Hill

Police doing a good job

I have been watching the Rock Hill police on Dave Lyle Boulevard busting people for speeding. That should give them notice to slow down and drive like they have some sense, and that's what I call a fine job by our police department.

Larry Gregory

Rock Hill