Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - April 2, 2008

News of trilogy brings back memories

I am very happy at hearing the news about the upcoming two "Kent" trilogy talks. For years now, I have attempted without luck to find out what happened to the work and was told by several sources that only two were completed and that the other one was never published. So much for my sources.

I remember when the two "Yankee writers" came to York in the 1940s. I never met them but remember some of the rumors about them. None of us kids knew what a sociologist was or how to pronounce the word, so most of us accepted the rumor that they were Northern "communists" because we could pronounce that even if we didn't know what it meant.

After reading the newspaper reports about the two meetings, it dawned on me that I have had in my possession for a good while now a one-hour VCR tape of three of the York interviews filmed by Dick Hartzell, TV producer, and Ralph Patrick, research anthropologist for NET sponsored by Washington University in 1957. The several "Kent ways" aren't mentioned. The three segments are part of NET's "The Search for America" series and are entitled: "The Southerner, Part II"; "The Southern Negro Part I"; and "The Southern Negro: Part II."

My memory is not what it once was, and for some reason I keep thinking that the couple who moved into York in the 1940s to write the trilogy were a male and female and rode their bikes every day. If that is just the imagination of a child or an old man, I'm sorry.

The silent, black-and-white movie of York and Sharon made in 1937 seems to affect a lot of my memories. I never tire of watching it. It always reminds me of that old saying: "The past is another country; they do things differently there."

A "who done it" mystery movie was made in Rock Hill in the early 1940s at Confederate Park using local talent as well as a program of young Rock Hill talents. My cousin Janet Blackwell performed Amapola on the piano for the film. I would like to see it again.

Charles Blackwell