Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - April 3, 2008

Taxpayers shouldn't fund airport expansion

Our local government officials are once again trying to get taxpayers to fund a pork barrel project to benefit special interests. The proposed expansion of the York County/Rock Hill Airport is a waste of taxpayer money.

The problem is the airport is not profitable enough to expand. If there were a demand for expansion, customers of the airport would be willing to pay for it through higher fees. They apparently are not.

As much as I feel sorry for fat-cat corporate executives who have to mingle with commoners at Charlotte's Douglas International Airport, and as much as I would love to finance other peoples hobby of flying, if the airport is not making enough money to pay for an expansion without fleecing taxpayers, they need not expand.

The airport fleeced taxpayers years ago to upgrade facilities, which was supposed to bring in more profits. Guess where the profits go? Not to Joe Taxpayer. It's just like Pennies For Progress, a tax that never ends. Once the expansion is in place, something else will arise that only Joe Taxpayer can pay for.

If the airport expansion actually does succeed in bringing in new businesses, good old Joe Taxpayer may be able to get a janitorial job at one of those businesses, but the high level slots will be filled by outsiders. Maybe Joe Taxpayer can work at the airport as a shoeshine boy, but he would probably be expected to tip the fat cats for the privilege of shining their shoes.

I pay enough taxes already. Please spare me any more misery.

Frank Stephenson

Rock Hill