Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - April 10, 2008

People who drink are asking for trouble

To those people who race to the liquor stores on Saturdays to load up on bottles and cans of loud-mouth and courage to last until Monday but don't drink on Sunday, is that because they're too hung over to get out of bed from Saturday partying?

They talk about the Sabbath! Malarky! One day is the same as another. These are just drunks during the week who think because they go to church on Sunday, unless hung over, it makes up for the drunkenness for six days.

Also, when 21-year-olds think they need to drink all week long or on Friday and Saturday, do they think drinking and making fools of themselves is manly and popular? I don't think so. All it causes is trouble and jail time. Once someone starts drinking, they think they need to hit the bars or go out and cause trouble for themselves and everyone in their path. People who need to drink that much are useless, no brains, a menace to society.

Sharon Vinson


Unselfish people rescued pet

There are still wonderful people in this world. Abby Jane, my dog, got out of the fence. She never came back, and I put an ad in The Herald.

Linda Bridge had Abby. Mr. and Mrs. Bridge picked her off a busy U.S. 21. They would not even take the reward I offered. Mr. and Mrs. Bridge are truly wonderful people.

Marie G. Sherer

Rock Hill