Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - June 6, 2008

Moody has support of many in community

It is my honor to have the opportunity to cast my vote for Leah Moody for the S.C. Senate District 17 seat on Tuesday.

The saying, "It takes a village to raise a child," certainly applies in this situation. It has taken a four-county village, but mainly the Sunset Park community of Rock Hill and Chester have taken an active role in the nurturing process. Our proudest moments were observing the children attending institutions of learning, be it nursery, day care, kindergarten, Head Start, elementary, middle, high school or post-secondary. Leah and many of her childhood friends left the villages for colleges, graduate schools, medical schools, technical schools and law schools. Leah has a sound foundation to build on because many individuals from her immediate family, extended family and very close friends have gotten involved and stayed focused on ensuring that many opportunities were available to her

I support Leah because she is blessed with a rare combination of extremely high IQ and some good, old-fashioned common sense. In addition, Leah has been taught from birth that: I am special! I am priceless! I am unique! I can think for myself!

So, the bright lights and glitter of the capital in Columbia will not deter Leah from representing and doing an outstanding job for District 17 and the state of South Carolina.

Leah has done work in Chester, Fairfield, Union and York counties as an attorney. She is known as an attorney who put the people first in all her dealings. Further, she has stated that she will develop a relief program for rural county residents to offset the rising cost of gas; work to save our youth from the rising number of gangs, street crimes and violence; create jobs and grow small businesses.

John D. Douglas

Rock Hill

Lindemann has vision for county

Paul Lindemann is no doubt the one for District 1 on the York County Council. He has brought youth and leadership to the fastest-growing part of the county. He has been a leader in balancing the County Council, bringing stability across the board.

He has helped the folks on Hensley Road when there have been so many questions about the southern bypass. He has opened the doors to communications with county leaders, and finally had dialogue with our representatives in Columbia.

Thank God for a representative who has a real, full-time job, has a family of his own and takes pride in ownership in multiple businesses. He is always out in the community, working to bring industry to Fort Mill, where there has been so much decline, and knows how to balance all that with is hectic life.

No more behind-closed-door meetings, no hospital deals in Columbia (Piedmont, which nobody wants), and no more voting for tap fees for our own Fort Mill school district. Lindemann has done nothing but work for the school district, not tax them. He has a vision that we should be proud of and get behind him for two more years.

JoeAnne Cochrell

Fort Mill

Carl Gullick is friend of education

In my 60 years, I have never felt compelled to write a letter to the editor about a political race until now. Before, when I read an article featuring a politician trashing his or her opponent, I was able to simply ignore it. Now, for the first time, reading the negative untruths and twists of truths taken out of context about someone I know, I cannot keep silent.

Carl Gullick has worked very hard to represent the people of District 48. He does not automatically vote in lockstep with any particular group or party. I have seen him repeatedly study, investigate and carefully consider every issue before taking a position or voting. Carl is exactly the type of person we need in all our leadership positions. He is very intelligent, and he considers the interests of the people he represents over the interests of any political party or dogma. He is the very best friend of education and the students of South Carolina. He has fought for the citizens of South Carolina and District 48 in spite of those who would like to manipulate him to support their special interests.

Recently, I have read the awful things his opponent has said about him. It occurred to me that people who don't know Carl might read these things and believe they are credible. It would be a shame if we did not return Carl Gullick to the S.C. House of Representatives.

Russ Knight

Rock Hill

Belton will fight for constituents

We are proud to support Montrio Belton for the candidacy for S.C. House of Representatives District 49. As a proud husband and father, Montrio is a candidate who is compassionate about the needs of others and will be the best representative of York County and District 49 in Columbia. We need a candidate like Montrio fighting for us.

As an educator, coach, and administrator in this community for the past 15 years, Montrio is one who will stand up and fight for equity in education, economic development and adequate health care for all South Carolinians. He is one who doesn't have any personal agendas or is attempting to achieve status. Montrio Belton can and will fight for all constituents of District 49. We are proud to support him and urge all residents of the district to support Montrio Belton in Tuesday's Democratic primary!

Vickie and Danielle Hoyles

Rock Hill

Roy Blake serves York County well

The Herald recently endorsed William "Bump" Roddey for the District 4 seat on the York County Council, the seat now held by a viable and much-needed incumbent, Roy L. Blake. Listed were the personal achievements and intentions of Mr. Roddey, while Mr. Blake was described as an "adequate representative of the district." I respect The Herald's choice for a candidate; however, downplaying Mr. Blake's role on the council and his wonderful accomplishments is uncalled for.

I have known Roy Blake for more than 50 years. He is a husband and father of two children. He graduated from Emmett Scott High School and enlisted in the U.S. Navy, where he served for five years. He also has an associate's degree in business from York Technical College. He is an independent life underwriter, Life Underwriter Training fellow, an American Leadership Forum fellow and a devout Christian.

Mr. Blake's achievements include his integral role in 20 road resurfacing programs, his relentless efforts in helping to create the funding for the South Pointe High School sidewalk/trail, the resurfacing of Adnah Church Road, the swing vote to implement the countywide radio system and helping to form the collaborative initiative involving the county, school board and city.

Roy Blake's community service includes membership in the Finance and Operations Committee and Public Works. He is a charter member of the Central City Optimist Club, member of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisories and chairman of the Planning and Economic Development Committee.

His main objectives are to be accessible to all residents of York County, to diligently work toward obtaining countywide prescription drug discounts, to introduce plans for beneficial solutions for municipal solid waste disposal, to improve infrastructure in the district and to remain committed to expanding employment opportunities.

Many politicians can be seen and heard only during an election year. Roy Blake is a full-time representative and leader who is committed to the voices and concerns of people from all walks of life. He is never too busy to accept a call or come into the community to listen to public concerns. Roy Blake is definitely the best representative for District 4.

Rosa Beckham Wilson

Rock Hill

Chappell helps citizens be heard

Your front page on May 26 headlined interviews with the challenger for the District 5 seat on the York County Council. I think it is good for the people in the area to know what the candidates are thinking and their plans for the future. The election to be held Tuesday is important to us, and we should all be there for the person who was there for us.

The point made by the challenger seemed to be that the person who fought the fight for us in the district is not looking toward the future. We need a person who looks into the future but remembers the past, who brought together hundreds of residents in meetings to get our thoughts out to the rest of council, and who, when the council ignored us, continued the fight until the proposed CSX Intermodal facility failed.

Some could say that we prevented new jobs, but we know there were no new jobs in the proposal. They said the roads would be safe, but we know that is not the case when hundreds of trucks would be running up and down the road on a tight schedule. We said there would be great damage to the quality of life when the noise of trucks will be a constant, tangible thing. Keep in mind that the facility was to be seven miles from the Interstate 77, screaming past elementary, middle and high schools. We couldn't allow this to happen. We need people who look forward, but have the ability to factor in what happened in the past.

The person we need is Curwood Chappell. Vote for Chappell on Tuesday.

Randall Scarborough

Rock Hill