Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - June 7, 2008

Voters should re-elect Gullick

I am sending this letter in support of the re-election of my friend and fellow member of the York County Legislative Delegation, state Rep. Carl Gullick. I have worked with Carl over the past two years while he served as a member of the S.C. House of Representatives, and also previously while he served as chairman of the York County Council. In both capacities, I have found him to be a truly outstanding leader.

During his term in the House, Carl has been appointed to a position on the House Education and Public Works Committee, where he is in a good position to help York County improve its education system as well as meet its growing transportation needs. Also, as a member of the House, Gullick has demonstrated on numerous occasions his willingness to take a stand in opposition to powerful special interest groups.

As chairman of the York County Council, he was instrumental in the passage of the "Pennies for Progress" for York County, and in getting funding through the State Infrastructure Bank for the widening of 1-77 as well as the improvement to S.C. 5 to Blacksburg. As chairman, he also demonstrated that he was able to provide for the needs of the people of York County while at the same time protecting the interests of the taxpayers by passing fiscally conservative budgets for the county.

Carl is a man of energy and integrity, and it has been an honor for me to serve alongside him in the General Assembly. I sincerely hope that the voters will see fit to return Rep. Gullick to Columbia for another term.

State Sen. Wes Hayes

Rock Hill

Moody has skill and confidence

During a political time when change has become the status quo and not the exception, I encourage the constituents of District 17 to support and elect Leah Moody as their state senator. Ms. Moody has an uncanny ability to connect with people on any level. She brings to the table expertise along with that trademark smile that makes you comfort in her presence. Moody demonstrates confidence and capability.

In my nearly eight years in the U.S. Army, I learned a few things about getting the job done. It's not always about your experience but whether or not you were willing to be trained to do a job, and once you started the job, could you adapt to the unique situations that presented themselves while maintaining integrity. Ms. Moody has proven to be adaptable by running a successful business during the best and worst of economic times, as well as family adversity. However, I do not want to overlook her experience as deputy legal council for Gov. Hodges, as page for state Rep. Samuel Foster and a lengthy resume of community service.

Leah Moody is young, energetic and full of innovative ideas, including strengthening educational systems; cracking down on predatory lending; preserving the environment through public transportation; and universal health care (something my deceased son needed desperately).

While people are craving change, they also seek out the familiar, and Ms. Moody epitomizes this unique position because of the renowned name she carries. Much like Chelsea Clinton enhanced Sen. Clinton's campaign, I believe that as a representative of the bridge that connects the past with the future, Leah Moody will prove effective.

A.T. Murdock

Rock Hill

Chappell fights for the people

I am writing in favor of re-electing Curwood Chappell. I regret today that I am not in his district to vote for him. He is honest and follows up on every request. He receives no money for travel or seminars. All his expenses are paid out of his own pocket.

He has fought this landfill tooth and nail. People, we do not need out-of-state garbage! We have enough garbage of our own. Let's face it, he is the man for you. He does the right thing. He is for his people and he is for all of us. Again, I wish I could vote for him, because he is what we all need.

Nan W. Wood


Belton has record of public service

As the Democratic primary campaign for S.C. House District 49 concludes, it is very important for us to choose the candidate who can best represent this district. As a life-long resident of District 49, I am compelled to vote for and encourage all of my neighbors and friends to support Montrio Belton.

During the last two forums, he recounted his 15 years of public service to this community as a public school teacher, coach and concerned citizen. More importantly, he clearly articulated a vision and demonstrated his in-depth knowledge of issues. As the husband of another life long resident, Tonya Burns, and the father of two children, he possesses the commitment to traditional family values that are desperately needed in our community. His educational background, longevity in this district and commitment to public service are admirable and worthy of our support.

Roosevelt Jerome Daniel

Rock Hill

Chief has seen many changes

I just want to take a moment and thank all of the members of the Catawba Indian Nation for allowing me to serve them. It has been almost a year since the election, and many changes have taken place. The most major -- the voice of the people can now be heard. We have had four General Council meetings since last July and are preparing for our fifth on July 12. The voice of the Catawba people has been heard, and I will listen to the will of the people.

I have had many opportunities to sit in my office and visit with many tribal members. The concerns I have heard are many, and I want the members of the Catawba Nation to know that I am here for them. I love the people I serve and am so thankful for their support.

I have visited many new places on behalf of the Catawba Nation, especially Washington, D.C. I have sat in senators' and congressmen's offices to discuss the concerns of the Catawba Nation. The tribe has received its 638 funding back from the Bureau of Indian Affairs in the amount of $1.4 million. These funds have allowed us to provide some jobs and services for the tribe.

Lastly, one of the greatest blessings of the election is the sense of hope and unity. I hope and pray that we all work for the benefit of our Catawba Nation. It is great to come together and be a part of a treasure of South Carolina.

May we be like unto the turtle, with our hearts close to the earth, and our ears close to the ground. With our hearts close to the earth, we will be concerned with those around us. With our ears close to the ground we will be prepared for that which is to happen.

Ha Woh.

Chief Donald W. Rodgers

Rock Hill

There are too many unadopted pets

I would like to comment on the recent letter from Jen Sanders regarding mistreatment of animals. I agree, America is great. And one reason is, fighting chickens is illegal (for hobby or otherwise) in every state in the United States. Perhaps if the local guy didn't gamble as a hobby, he wouldn't be just scraping by.

Next, I hope we'll see Americans tackle the overpopulation of animals in our great country. Laws should be enacted to prevent the sale of pets (hobby or otherwise) while there is even one sterilized, vaccinated, loving pet in a shelter anywhere in the U.S. waiting (often hopelessly) to be adopted.

Linda Stewart


Motz opposed video poker

I find it curious that Alex Haefele worked very hard in the past to expand video poker gambling in York County as good economic development and now opposes our airport as an unfit part of our economic development activity. It is particularly interesting that Mr. Haefele knowingly chooses to ignore the indisputable fact that the leaders of the anti-airport activity are manufacturing and publishing blatantly false propaganda to inflame their neighbors. This raises serious questions of integrity.

On the other hand, Buddy Motz strongly opposed gambling and video poker and believes that a properly developed airport coupled with good land-use planning will work for the greater good of the citizens of York County.

I encourage the County Council District 6 electorate to consider carefully the excellent work Buddy Motz has done and vote for him on Tuesday.

David Vipperman

Rock Hill

Today's peaches fall way short

I read in the newspaper where CN2 news let Bob Pearse go because of his age. That is wrong. The person who came up with that should be let go.

The quote about the greatest things about York County-grown peaches, but there is no longer the same joy. Local peaches are sold unripe to the point of being so green they are as hard as baseballs. You must take them home, put them out on your counter to ripen and wait.

The trouble is they never really ripen. Some rot before ripening, and the ones that soften cannot compare with a tree-ripened peach. After being so disappointed for the last several years, I no longer look forward to the peach season. When I was a kid, the peach season in this area was a very big deal, but the deal now is all about profit. Enough said.

Diane Wright

Rock Hill

Stand up for your rights

The American people don't have a leg to stand on anymore. We, the people in the U.S., better wake up and take a stand on this matter and protest our rights.

Larry Gregory

Rock Hill