Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - June 11, 2008

Pay attention to motorcyclists

I read your recent article on a lady from Lancaster who was killed by a person believed to be intoxicated.

My concern is that people do not respect motorcyclists. A motorcyclist has to take a vehicle driving test and a motorcycle driving test. I say that gives motorcyclists more right to ride than a vehicle motorist.

We pay taxes, insurance, and are constantly educated on motorcycle awareness. We are not trained on watching behind us as we prepare to stop for stop signs.

I think that The Herald should promote the awareness to vehicle drivers to be aware of cyclists; after all, we are saving gas.

Another thing, lose the line about not wearing a helmet. The lawmakers gave us the right not to wear them. So, give us a break on the helmet deal; we have enough to deal with watching out for people talking on cell phones while they are driving.

Phil Jackson

Great Falls

McKown should have gone away

How can a person who has been known to associate with criminals and who has been found guilty of a crime (misdemeanor or not) have a position that could judge whether a person died of natural causes or murder?

Doug McKown should have never come back to the coroner's office. He is seen in video associating with people that are involved in narcotics transactions, and he was found guilty of possession of a prescription drug without a prescription.

What do we tell our children when they see that see someone found guilty of a crime is allowed to continue his job as an elected official?

He should have just gone away.

James Smith

Rock Hill

We have a right to bear arms

Most Americans are a "disease" according to Dys. In his May 23 column, Dys declared that "the gun culture pervades our society ... like a plaque." Well, since over half of the households in America are gun owners, and an even greater percentage of York county residents are gun owners, I'm sure most Americans would object to being referred to as a plague or disease. Dys utilizes his First Amendment freedom, a freedom created and secured by force of arms to deride the freedoms of the Second Amendment.

It's obvious that Mr. Dys does not care to own a firearm, but his disdain for those who do is too obvious. Americans own guns for many reasons, among those: hunting, competition, recreation, collecting and personal protection. Americans also have the freedom to choose not to own a gun.

In all his blatherings, Dys has assisted in the Great Misdirection of modern crybaby society: He has successfully deflected attention away from the youth who brought the gun to school and threatened another student. Why did he do it? Is he being bullied? Does he suffer from emotional issues and requires therapy? Does the school have a gang problem?

We will never know the answer to these questions because the press, in the guise of Mr. Dys, has decided that expressing hatred for over 50 percent of Americans is more important than getting to the root of this little boy's problems.

Let us never forget that the freedoms Dys takes for granted every day were established and are continuously secured by those willing to use arms.

Good luck with the magic Pixie dust that Dys spreads around himself to protect him from harm from rotten scoundrels. The rest of us "diseased Americans" will instead rely on our trusted muskets and powder horns.

Michael J. Bodner

Rock Hill