Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - June 21, 2008

Be considerate of all graduates

In response to The Herald's articles on cheers at graduation ceremonies, in my opinion, this is nothing about those with class versus those without, and everything about respect for every graduate who walks across the platform to receive his or her diploma.

I attended a graduation ceremony for my nephew in Virginia. The constant hooting and hollering for certain students made it impossible to hear the names of the others who were waiting just as eagerly for their honor. Then, the same group of people would exit the coliseum while still carrying on, because, after all, they saw their relative graduate -- who cares about the others?

As a parent who raised and supported my child's efforts throughout high school, I would love to be able to clap and cheer for all of the graduates, but there are a few who show no interest or respect for anyone but their own. It also appears that in the past, just a slap on the wrist was not enough for the rowdy ones who constantly disrupted the ceremony.

The students at my daughter's graduation were cheered by all and given a standing ovation, as well as given the opportunity several times to applaud each other.

If you take the time to poll parents and students, I believe most would prefer the graduation ceremony as is. And, yes, my child was one of the last to graduate, but even if her last name began with a "D," I would be there to the end, to celebrate every graduate's accomplishments.

Leslie Williford

Rock Hill

Emergency call poorly handled

Writing letters to the editor is something I would normally not do, but I have been waiting and reading to see if anyone would address the middle-of-the-night call from city government regarding the recent water line break. I received the call at 12:45 a.m. long after the service had been interrupted.

I associate such calls with fear due to the fact my mother was ill and in the hospital. Were the calls really justified in awakening all of Rock Hill? Also, not all the phone lines in my household received the message. What if it had been a true emergency?

Mary Ballard

Rock Hill

Parents flout rules at graduation

For 12 years, these graduates were taught respect, when to be polite, obedience and appropriate behavior only to see parents show a lack of the same during their children's graduation ceremony.

Would these same parents clap at a funeral, hooray at bar mitzvahs or cheer at a wedding? Why should children obey the rules when their parents flout them? Whatever happened to decorum?

Ron Gensemer

Rock Hill